10 Ways Administrative Professionals Can Show Respect and Appreciation to Colleagues

April 5, 2023


Coworkers showing respect and appreciation to their colleagues by standing and clapping together.
Acknowledge the accomplishments of your colleagues!

Showing respect to your colleagues is an invaluable trait in the workplace. It helps to foster a positive work environment, boosts morale, and even helps to improve productivity. Companies that promote an environment of mutual respect for colleagues have less employee turnover. 

In this Admin Month article, we’re breaking down 10 ways administrative professionals can foster a respectful and appreciative work environment. 

Respect: From One Colleague to Another 

What is respect? Showing respect for a colleague can come in many forms. Respect is showing admiration for someone’s abilities, qualities, or achievements. It’s also being mindful of someone’s feelings, rights, personal wishes, or traditions. 

Whether it’s remembering the unique way a colleague prefers something done, or acknowledging someone as they walk by, respect in the workplace brightens everyone's day. Furthermore, when you show respect to your colleagues, you will get respect in return. 

Demonstrating Respect to Your Office Colleagues 

When you search for them, it’s easy to find admirable qualities in each of your office colleagues. Even if there’s a coworker who has a personality or workstyle you don't particularly like, it's important to remain professional and show basic respect. 

Here are 10 basic ways to show respect for your colleagues. 

Listen to What Others Have to Say 

Give your colleagues time and attention to share their ideas and their needs. Even if you have a different system or workstyle, allow others to make suggestions and give input before chiming in. 

Acknowledge the Strengths and Accomplishments of Others

Recognizing and acknowledging your colleague's strengths and accomplishments boosts their personal confidence and workplace morale. Whether it’s meeting a deadline, completing a large project, or congratulating a personal life milestone, acknowledge your colleagues when you can. 

Be Transparent

Transparency in the workplace is often overlooked, but is vitally important. You don’t have to share confidential or limited information to practice transparency. If the executives are out of the office for the day, share that with others looking for them. If there’s a big project happening behind the scenes that are slowing down day-to-day activities, be honest. Being transparent with your co-workers, even with new hires, fosters team spirit and boosts morale. 

Acknowledge and Keep in Mind Other People’s Time 

Acknowledging that your colleague’s time is important goes a long way in showing respect. Some ways to demonstrate respect in this area are to not overbook calendars and to start and end meetings on time. Also, be mindful of your own project deadlines and how that can affect your fellow team members. 

Take Note of Your Colleagues’ Individual Workloads

Some of your colleagues will inevitably have heavier workloads than others. Whether it’s due to a big project, a stiff deadline, or a more weighted position, make a point to take a mental note of these things. Moreover, prioritize those who need immediate help.

Practice Basic Manners, Politeness, and Courtesy

Thanking others for their help, holding a door open, and using polite speech can go a long way in creating a respectful workplace. When interacting with your office colleagues, keep your basic manners in mind. 

Don't Be Biased 

Eliminating bias is vital to a respectful and successful workplace. Ignore third-party opinions and set aside personal bias when interacting with your colleagues. 

Be Inclusive

Whether it’s a meeting, a workplace celebration, or an all-employee memo, make a point to include everyone. Also, take note of new employees and be sure they also remain informed and in the loop.

Be Helpful

Be helpful wherever and whenever you can. New hires will make mistakes or miss things that are routine to others. Seasoned employees may forget to do something routine during a stressful week. Do your part to be patient and helpful whenever and wherever you can. 

Be Mindful of Your Words 

The way that office colleagues speak to each other is contagious. This can be a good contagion or a negative one. Be mindful of your choice of words and your tone when interacting with your office colleagues. 

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