Building Trust at Work Matters: Here's How to Get Started

January 4, 2023


A woman stands in front of her colleagues, pointing at images and points on a whiteboard as they plan. Image demonstrates how to build trust at work.
Building trust at work establishes a good rapport with your team.

Trust in the workplace is an essential part of building a cohesive team. A team that can trust and support each other is a team that is empowered to succeed. Building trust at work not only boosts productivity for the team, but for the company as a whole. The significance of trust in the workplace should never be overlooked. Let’s take a closer look at why it matters and how to get started. 

Why Does Building Trust Matter?

Building trust means that your actions make someone else feel confident in their ability to rely on you. They feel comfortable in your abilities and believe in your good intentions for themselves and the team as a whole. Team members that trust you will feel comfortable working alongside you on a project. 

A workplace built on trust usually has a strong base of good values, hard work, and ethical teamwork. Trust increases productivity, therefore incentivizing companies to pour effort into building trust in the workplace. 

Trust is especially important with more and more people working from home on a regular basis. When the team is remote, they need to have a high level of trust in each other in order to function. 

Good communication in the workplace is built on trust as well. It’s essential for employees to have a basic sense of security and confidence as they interact with each other. They must be able to understand that their team members are dependable. 

This kind of trust takes time to build but is ultimately worth it in the end. The higher the level of trust, the more positive the employee experience. It helps people feel safe and respected as they interact, which makes people more productive. 

Tips for Encouraging Trusting Relationships at Work

Here are a few tips to help you build trust among your team members at work. Trusting relationships will boost both morale and productivity. 

Stay True to Your Promises

Do what you say you are going to do. It is hard to rely on someone who never follows through with their promises. Trust is broken when you say you will do something and then don’t. If you can’t do something, be honest about it. Don’t over-promise and then back out on your word. 


Learn to communicate effectively with your co-workers either by email or in person. Be respectful and empathetic during interactions and develop the ability to listen.  


Be honest with both your managers and co-workers. A willingness to be honest, even when it’s awkward, builds trust and facilitates open communication. Honestly indicates that you respect a person and that they are important to you.

Admit to Your Mistakes 

Eventually, you are going to mess up. It’s just part of being human. The important part is admitting you made a mistake and taking steps to fix the situation. Admitting you are at fault demonstrates integrity. This builds people’s trust in you. 

Lend a Helping Hand

Step up and help your team members when you can. If a co-worker has more on their plate than they can keep up with, offer to help. Ask how you can lighten their load or make things a little easier for them. Establish yourself as someone they can trust when they need help. 

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