Creativity in the Workplace: Why Encouraging It Matters

January 4, 2023


A group of coworkers looking over documents, sheets, graphs, etc. Image demonstrates importance of nourishing creativity in the workplace.
Embracing creativity in the workplace can make all the difference!

In the last decade, many businesses have gone from being connected locally to being connected nationwide and even globally. This wider market creates a fiercer competition that requires creativity to really stand out. Average work simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Audiences and their needs are changing and the workplace is adapting to meet them. 

It is critical for leaders in the workplace to demonstrate and encourage creative thinking in projects and problem-solving. But in order to demonstrate it, you actually have to believe that it matters. People can see when you don’t really believe what you are saying. Let’s take a closer look at why creativity in the workplace is so crucial. 

Creative Thinking Solves Problems

New problems occur in the workplace every day. Because of this, problem-solving is an essential skill for keeping a company or department running smoothly. It can be easy to get stuck using the same solutions that have been used in the past. Those solutions may have worked before, but they aren’t necessarily the best choice for current issues. Creativity helps open up your mind to new possibilities and allows you to see problems from a new angle. 

Creative thinking in the workplace helps employees see the big picture instead of focusing on one small aspect of an issue. This wider view reveals the true cause of a problem and offers more options to solve it. It helps organizations run more efficiently, instead of constantly stalling their growth with old solutions to new problems. 

Creativity also makes people ask questions. Willingness to question how things are being done and why, can prompt positive changes in the workplace. Instead of doing the same thing day in and day out, employees can ask how to make the processes better and more efficient. Creative thinkers are more likely to ask meaningful questions that can change how the workplace functions. 

Creative Solutions Enhance Productivity

Creative solutions fuel innovation. Workplaces that encourage creative thinking tend to be more productive and efficient, too. It enables employees to devise new ways to help the business grow. Encouraging creativity connects employees to a meaningful mission that creates a culture of experimentation. It keeps them engaged and invested in their team and the company. 

Engagement is more important than ever in a time of increased remote work. The distance can make employees feel disconnected and distracted from the company, resulting in a loss of productivity. Innovative solutions require critical thinking and extra brain power, which are hard to commit when you are distracted. 

Reducing distractions and creating a space where creative thinking is encouraged will help keep employees invested. Providing the tools necessary to encourage creative thinking can also help build employee confidence. It gives them something meaningful that provides a sense of accomplishment. People that feel as though their work means something feel more fulfilled. Happy, fulfilled employees are more productive in the workplace. 

Creative Minds are More Adaptable Minds

The world is changing every day, taking the business world with it. Those that can’t adapt get left behind. Keeping up often requires creative solutions to develop new products and services or to streamline what you already have going. Creativity is necessary in order to devise new solutions to obstacles and difficult situations. 

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