Executive Leadership: How to Impress Them Without Sucking Up

September 30, 2022


How can you impress executive leadership without overdoing it?
How can you impress executive leadership without overdoing it?

Every hard-working employee wants their efforts to be noticed by executive leadership. This is often one of the best ways to advance your career and grow as a professional. But getting noticed is not always easy. Chief executives have their plates full of their own responsibilities, and can’t always keep tabs on every employee’s achievements. If you try too hard to stand out in the wrong ways, you could end up acting like a suck-up. Nobody wants that, as it can lead to the wrong kind of attention. However, being recognized for your contributions is nice. So how do you get executive leadership to notice you in the right ways?

Tips For Impressing Executives at Work

Focus on Results

You were hired to perform a task. The more you focus on your results, the better off you will be. Business executives prefer workers who stay focused on delivering results rather than constantly raising problems. While you absolutely should address any urgent problems with executive leaders, it is never good to look for problems. You should have a reputation for delivering strong results, rather than constantly bringing complaints to executives.

Do a Little Extra

There is a fine line between “going the extra mile” and “trying to do too much.” But anytime you have the chance to go that extra mile, you should seize it. You shouldn’t force it, but if you keep an eye out for opportunities, you’ll be ready to take them. Not many employees consistently go the extra mile. If you’re able to do it often, it won’t be long before you get noticed. Remember that actions speak louder than words, so you can let your achievements speak for themselves.

Invest in Your Own Growth

It is often worth it to set aside a bit of your own free time to work on your own professional development. Read articles and do some research about the latest trends in your industry. At the very least, this will increase your comfort and familiarity with your own role. In best-case scenarios, it will open up new opportunities for you. It will also give you a chance to share resources with executive leaders and coworkers.

Open Channels of Communication

Communication is key in any industry. You don’t want to take up too much of a business executive’s time, but open communication can be beneficial. Try to find regular time to talk with executives about your performance, expectations, results, and opportunities. This can have a number of benefits. At the very least, it will show executive leadership that you are committed. It can also help better define your role and expectations, and open new doors for you.

Be a Good Coworker

You don’t always need to go directly to the source to impress your chief executives. Sometimes the best (and simplest) way to make a good impression is to be part of a good work environment. A strong work culture is one of the keys to a productive environment. If you can become an important part of your company’s culture, this can only help. Plus, this has the added benefit of helping you enjoy going to work more. 

There are a lot of ways you set a good example at work. Working on interpersonal skills, conflict management, and time management skills can all help. You could also work on developing a leadership plan in your workplace. If you have a reputation as a leader in the workplace, even without a title, it’s likely you’ll be appreciated. You may even earn a leadership title later on.

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