Exceptionally Easy Ways To Help A New Employee Succeed

January 22, 2015


February is the month when we reach out to those we care for, often with hearts and flowers. This February, why not also reach out to a new employee—someone who needs help settling into his or her new role and responsibilities—with a helping hand?

As someone who knows and understands your organization, you can approach HR and ask to volunteer to mentor a new employee. You’ll help your mentee more quickly catch on to what it takes to succeed—and to grow—within your organization. For example, you can:

  • Explain new and unfamiliar organizational procedures and de-mystify organizational culture
  • Help them to solve a problem, develop new skills…even walk them through a tricky procedure or document
  • Offer feedback and constructive criticism of their work at regular intervals
  • Introduce them to others—within and outside your department, thereby helping them feel accepted and appreciated by their new colleagues
  • Provide tips on career growth and the path(s) up the ladder at your company
  • Share stories about your own first days or weeks at work and how you handled them

Because you’re a peer, the information that you convey will be personal, relevant, and compelling. Because you are there to help, they will feel that the organization is heavily invested in their success and growth. As the weeks pass and the employee settles into his or her job, you can, and should, continue to be there for them when they need advice.  

The mentee is not the only one who will benefit from this mentoring relationship. Through this process, you may increase your confidence and on-the-job satisfaction. Additionally, your mentee’s questions may help you develop a better understanding of organizational issues, along with the ability to assist in solving them.

Finally, your organization will also benefit—because mentees tend to fit in faster, make fewer mistakes, value their jobs, and stay with organizations longer. 

Don’t allow new employees to fend for themselves as they adjust to a new setting and role. Help them up their productivity, seamlessly fit in, and ultimately, succeed!  

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