How to Be Humble: 10 Pro Tips from ASAP

May 17, 2023


A dynamic team sitting at a table collaborating with one another, demonstrating the importance of how to stay humble.

Many personality traits are beneficial in the workplace, and humility is one of them. If you are wondering how to be humble, or how being humble can improve your reputation and advance your career, this article is for you. 

Below, we get into the importance of being humble in your profession, what being humble means, and how to practice humility. Let’s dive in! 

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What Is Being Humble? 

Showing humility is a skill that all professionals can practice and build upon. Though it comes more naturally for some than others, being humble is a trait that can be strengthened through practice. 

Humility is exhibiting an absence of pride or arrogance. Humble people are often viewed as passive, quiet, or insecure. However, this is not an accurate assumption of a person who exhibits humility. In fact, a truly humble person is often very confident and competent, and also a great leader. 

Humble people do not feel the need to boast about themselves or their achievements, despite having many to brag about. They are not too proud to help others, and they recognize that they also needed help at different times of their lives and careers. Additionally, humble people tend to allow their actions to speak for them, rather than talking themselves up. They do not overcompensate with a lot of chatter and self-accolades. 

How to Be More Humble 

Practicing humility in the workplace can transform a company. This applies to everyone in an organization, and at every level and position, even the CEO. A company that employs humble workers and managers develops a workplace with more collaboration and open communication. They also invite collective ideas and projects. It creates a more inviting and inclusive workspace. 

If you want to be more humble, here are 10 ways to practice humility: 

  • Be aware of your own shortcomings, strengths, and limitations

  • Recognize and acknowledge the strengths of others

  • Be open to learning and adapting from your colleagues 

  • Work towards putting others’ needs before your own

  • Be a good listener and ensure others feel heard and understood around you

  • Be appreciative of others and express your gratitude often

  • Be open to constructive criticism and feedback

  • Own your mistakes

  • Continue learning and educating yourself in your career

  • Be open to changing, shifting, and adapting, even when it’s challenging

If every employee in a company practiced the above on a daily basis, their workplace would transform. Inevitably, these practices would strengthen your organization’s collective purpose, create a smoother workflow, and increase productivity and profits. Plus, the more humility you incorporate into your daily interactions, the happier you will become. 

Taking the time to notice the strengths of others. Listen to others and consider their perspectives. Being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses has a domino effect on your company. The more humility you practice, the more humility you will get in return from your colleagues. 

Staying Humble While Advancing Your Career 

You may have come across someone who was once humble, and then, after a promotion, their ego gets in the way. This can be common in professional settings and relationships. However, staying humble while also advancing your career is possible and beneficial.

A truly humble person is able to listen to and accept others while coming into their own power and success. They don’t feel the need to control others. Rather, they are confident enough to stay centered in their purpose, while allowing others to discover their strengths. 

Build Humility 

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