You Are A Fearless Leader

February 17, 2014


Some people embrace this right away – referring to themselves as fearless leaders, and using the term individually or collectively, and step up to exercise their personal power, making a difference in large & small ways. Others approach the term more cautiously, first thinking “Naw, that’s not me,” preferring to work quietly and effectively until their small, progressive actions add up to making a difference in some project or cause that they care about…and voila…looking back upon small, cumulative achievements, a fearless leader is born!
(Have this in mind when you think of your own role in celebrating IYOTSA 2014).

How can you become this new type of leader?

Saying yes to considering a new possibility for yourself is the first step. And every small step you take for yourself, also serves the world! So, what are you waiting for?

  • Use your highest strengths in service to something larger than yourself

It’s not about what your strengths are. It’s how you use them. There are two elements to this one. First, you’ve got to know what your highest strengths are. While all people have multiple strengths, we’re talking about the strengths that match effortlessly with your personality, skills, and passion. These are your highest strengths.
(What are YOUR highest strengths – and how can you use them to get people in your network to relish the opportunities for the profession that IYOTSA 2014 creates)?

  • Push the boundaries of possibility towards the common good

We are only limited by the boundaries we set for ourselves. You don’t take the status quo as a given. 'No' is not an answer for you. You create new futures woven from realistic dreams of what is possible and you work hard to bring those dreams to reality. And yes, the common good is important to you, however you imagine it being.
(The common good is that all secretaries and Admin Assistants worldwide stand to gain if the whole world joins in highlighting this profession: Its required stature; its needs for future growth)!

  • Proclaim your presence &contribution in the world

Make a personal difference by building a life and career of purpose. You are not shy. You’ve got expertise and you want to apply it to its best purposes. You are not shy about your skills, talents, and how best to use them. The beautiful thing about you, oh fearless leader, is that you are humble, a servant leader, and you create space for others to shine as well, while working towards the collective goal.

  •   Celebrate the joy of making a difference with others who share your passion.

It’s not about the individual. It’s about the collective AND celebrating the small and large steps of progress in projects and causes you care deeply about. Need I say more about this one or does it make you smile just by reading it???

 Want to learn more? Read the full article by Beverly Winterscheid, Ph.D., Founding Partner of the Center for Nature & Leadership.

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