PACE Certification for Teams


How PACE certification helps your admin team achieve impressive new levels of performance

Greater productivity, higher morale and increased ROI: Everybody wins when everyone’s certified

It makes good business sense to enroll several—or all of—your administrative professionals in the PACE certification program.

When your entire team is employing the same high-efficiency administrative techniques and procedures—you can achieve performance breakthroughs that make your entire organization look better:

  • Your team’s new skills help you increase workflow throughput—and reduce costs 
  • The administrative best practices your staff learn can help upgrade procedures for your entire department 
  • Your company’s investment in your team’s career advancement shows the company cares—which builds employee loyalty. 
  • Certified staff are more ambitious—and contribute positive energy to your team 
  • Certified administrative professionals can help you expand your department rapidly

When all your staff become PACE certified, you qualify as a PACE-certified organization, which makes you a more attractive employer of choice, especially for highly motivated, ambitious employees.

Multiple enrollees in PACE certification qualify you for discounted group pricing

To discuss PACE certification—and attractive pricing discounts—for teams, just contact a PACE advisor. Plans are available for five or more enrollees from a single organization.

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