10 Habits of High Achievers

May 5, 2021


We all admire high achievers: People who bring in projects on time and under budget, easily win promotions and raises, win praise from clients, and much more. But often, we’re unsure of how to create our own path to achievement. High achievers, however, understand the habits they’ve employed to power their way to success. The following ten habits of high achievers can help anyone up their game.

1. Goal-oriented. High achievers set goals that matter to them. They then visualize their goals—as if they were concrete achievements that have already come to pass. This motivates them to forge ahead.

2. Results-driven. High achievers focus on outcomes. To that end, they take action: Day in and day out, they work on tasks that help them advance their goals—and their dreams.

3. High achievers see setbacks, bad days, distractions and challenges as temporary. The push through these impediments and do the work necessary to reach their goals—without procrastination.

4. Optimism. High achievers have positive mindsets. They focus on the good—in people, projects … even problems. They avoid negative people. They view challenges as opportunities and setbacks as minor. As a bonus, they enjoy their work.

5. Lifelong learning. High achievers continually strive to expand their skills and knowledge. They read voraciously, take classes, and attend workshops and conferences in order to become experts in their fields—and the go-to people in their organizations.

6. Self-care. High achievers understand that when they neglect their own well-being, their work suffers. They eat healthy and get regular exercise and plenty of sleep. They recharge with alone time, or time with family and friends.

7. Self-awareness. High achievers know the areas in which they need help—and seek that help, whether through education, mentoring, or working with others to improve shortcomings.

8. Risk takers. High achievers challenge themselves; they’re not afraid to take chances. Like the rest of us, they fear failure, but they push aside those fears by dint of willpower and a focus on doing the work.

9. High achievers learn from mistakes. They’re ready to change course as conditions change. They welcome constructive criticism as a means to improve.

10. Internally motivated. High achievers don’t compare themselves to others. Their belief in themselves and their choices allows them to ignore office gossip and negativity. Because they know that their work matters, their sense of purpose helps them achieve success.


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