10 Self-Onboarding Tools to Help with New Hires

February 28, 2022


Self-Onboarding Tools to Help with New Hires

While there are various hiring tools available today, there are a select few that reign supreme. The right onboarding tools can play a key role in saving recruiters and hiring managers time and effort when onboarding new hires. The trick is to recognize the helpful features that characterize superior employee onboarding tools. Workflow automation, user-friendly interfaces, integrations, new hire portals, and assessment tools are just some of the most helpful features in a tool for onboarding. Always be sure to look for these components when choosing your new software!

You’ll know if your new hiring tool is working if employees find the software easy to use and understand even before they dive into company details. As of late, onboarding has become more than just a formality for new hires. Businesses must consider onboarding tools to be on the same level as corporate training programs. Effective onboarding makes employees feel valued and welcome, allowing for an easier transition into the workplace. 

Top 10 Self-Onboarding Tools

  1. BambooHR

BambooHR is an award-winning HR software that simply makes the onboarding process easier. This software features an applicant tracking system that can help you manage your applicants at the click of a button. Older software keeps your applicant’s information all jumbled up, but not BambooHR. BambooHR also features a mobile hiring app, webinar library, employee records, and electronic signatures. This software is essentially perfect for any business that wants to streamline its onboarding process.  

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a regular part of the conversation when businesses are scouting for a new project management tool. This platform acts as a one-stop shop for improving every aspect of onboarding. Basecamp allows users to store files in one primary location and share them across teams. This software features message boards, to-do lists, automatic check-ins, and much more. 

  1. GoCo

GoCo takes the transition from onboarding with paper documentation to onboarding digitally for a more simplified approach to hiring new employees. This software also provides HR support on-demand, streamlining traditional processes of going through HR. GoCo also features self-service benefits enrollment, automated workflows, employee management software, and MagicDocs. 

  1. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is a popular, widely-known all-in-one HR solution. This software provides compliance management, benefits administration, new hire portals, background checks, and much more. Automated workflows allow users to easily set deadlines and reminders for new hires during the hiring process. ClearCompany is a great hiring tool. 

  1. HrCloud

This software is trusted by a variety of leading companies in their industries. HrCloud allows for simple and fast onboarding that alleviates the typical time-consuming nature of the onboarding process. This platform also features personalized portals, eSign, eForms, and much more. 

  1. Lessonly

Lessonly is a great onboarding tool that allows users to bring the element of e-learning into their hiring process. This software can be used to create a series of lessons with a variety of documents and other content. This interactive and tested method allows new hires to learn about the company as they are being onboarded. 

  1. HRPartner

This HCM/Talent Management software provides many beneficial features for both the user and new hires. This software allows users to add files, links, and videos to checklists in order to avoid an overflow in paperwork. Customized onboarding checklists also make for a simpler process, especially when there are time constraints. 

  1. Eduflow

This interactive platform allows users to create workflows for new employees so they may learn something new about their position or about the company itself. Users can edit existing templates to make it easier for the IT/HR team to customize onboarding tasks and learning for every new hire. 

  1. Microsoft Teams

This software has been proven to be of value to a multitude of businesses in every industry. It is popularly referred to as a communication & collaboration solution. Microsoft Teams allows for the combination of introducing new hires to the company while storing and sharing important files because of the software’s integration with Office 365. 

  1. WorkBright

This fast and easy hiring tool features employee error resolution, which streamlines the process of studying and resolving employee mistakes on your own. WorkBright also offers process automation, fingertip signature, E-verify, and applicant tracking integration. 

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