ASAP Virtual 2022 Preview

June 13, 2022


ASAP’s Virtual Event is a one-day virtual training on topics in leadership, task management, and technology. This virtual event is a curated selection of APC’s most valuable sessions.

We know one of the hardest parts about missing the in-person events is the connections and peer networking, but don’t worry ASAP Virtual also includes live networking and discussion opportunities.

The best part? All sessions will remain on-demand for 30 days post-event. 

We wanted to offer you a chance to review the speakers and content you will be seeing at ASAP virtual. Check out a variety of webinars below done by this year's speakers!

Everyday Leadership in Action: How to be a Leader Regardless of Title 

Chrissy Scivicque

The word “leader” is typically associated with high profile, powerful people—dynamic speakers, politicians, business executives, etc. However, in truth, everyone has the ability to be a leader in the workplace each and every day, regardless of title or position in the organizational hierarchy. If you’re looking to pursue management opportunities in the near or distant future, leadership is a critical skill to develop. However, even those who have no desire to “lead” in an official capacity will benefit from learning this skill. Demonstrating the simple tenants of “everyday leadership” in the workplace establishes you as a highly valuable asset within your organization. Beyond that, it offers a wealth of added personal and professional benefits.

Creating Compelling, Interactive Presentations in PowerPoint 

Neil Malek

Creating an engaging presentation full of dense information can be challenging. Successful presentations should deliver critical information in a natural yet engaging way. Adding navigation links, interesting transitions and animation schemes, and segmenting the presentation into logical chunks make the presentation compelling for the audience, while keeping it easy for the presenter to deliver. Join Neil Malek as he shares his favorite methods and tools for building compelling presentations. Putting your new skills to work will not only save your audience time, but keep endless follow-up emails at bay!

Top New Tech Tools in 2022 

Corinne Hoisington

Let's kick it up a notch in the new year and see and TRY the latest, greatest tech tools in productivity! Join us online with an interactive session with the top technology speaker and Office worldwide textbook author Corinne Hoisington to push your efficiency to the next level. In the last year, hundreds of new features have been added to Microsoft 365/Windows/Other Tools. A new culture of work is here. It's open and collaborative, letting you work together securely, from anywhere in the world.

Mastering Meeting Minutes Through Outlook & OneNote 

Melissa Peoples

Start managing the process and not the content.  Learn how to use collaborative tools within the Microsoft ecosystem to seamlessly manage meetings and master meeting minutes using the powerful integration between Outlook and OneNote.   

Better Decision Making 

Starla West

How often have you looked back at a decision you made in the past and thought ‘Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time’? Faced with the same situation today, what would you do differently? We make hundreds of decisions every day, mostly without thinking about the impact they can have on our lives. Some are very small, like deciding what coffee to buy, while others are huge and can be life-changing. Explore why we make the decisions that we do and how we can be sure they are the right ones. Hear about an easy-to-digest process to help you make difficult decisions, and explore two team decision-making methods for making smart decisions together.

Curious about learning more about what’s in store for ASAP Virtual 2022? Check out the full program here! 

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