Do You Want to Be A Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant?

April 27, 2022


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There are so many different things to handle in the administrative business world. Meetings, travel, inboxes, leadership duties, not to mention keeping up with managing your personal life. Oftentimes, leaders in the business world employ an assistant, whether it’s for them personally or to handle more clerical tasks in the office. 

The founder of a steadily-growing small business may be in the need for an assistant just as much as the the CEO of a huge corporation. 

Before you go out and apply for an assistant position, it’s important to know the difference between personal and executive assistants. Their responsibilities, hours, and expectations will likely look different. 

What Does an Executive Assistant Do?

An executive assistant’s job is to work and handle business-related tasks. They are often employed by the business or corporation to support senior management rather than by the boss personally. An executive assistant handles smaller, often clerical work so that their boss can focus on higher-priority decisions and tasks.

An executive assistant will usually handle higher stakes tasks than a personal assistant. Skills in project management, software, and planning are essential for executive assistants. 

You’ll Fit the Job Description For an Executive Assistant Job If…

What aspects of you might make you a great executive assistant?

Are you…

  • Hardworking and responsible?
  • Good at balancing priorities?
  • Good at setting clear boundaries in the workplace?
  • Organized and good with time management?
  • Skilled at planning events, travel itineraries, meeting, and coordinating calendars?
  • Experienced with process management and handling inboxes?

If you said yes to any or all of these questions, then you’re a great fit for an executive assistant job!

What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

As the name suggests, a personal assistant is more responsible for helping their employer stay organized in their personal life. From grocery shopping and picking up laundry to sending personal emails and organizing social calendars, a personal assistant will leave the business to the boss and help them handle their day-to-day life outside of the office. 

Personal assistants may work for private households, actors, CEOs, celebrities, or athletes. Your job as a personal assistant is to free up the boss’s personal time so they can use it to relax.

You Might Like a Personal Assistant Job if…

What can set you up to be a great personal assistant?

Are you…

  • More comfortable in more informal settings?
  • Experienced or love childcare?
  • Okay with doing some day-to-day chores?
  • Organized and punctual?
  • Good at scheduling and managing meetings?
  • Skilled with organizing calendars?
  • Happier in a social position?
  • Happy to form tight, long-lasting bonds with people you work with?

If you said yes to these questions, you have the makings of a great personal assistant!

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