Does the Brand of YOU Reflect What You Want It To?

September 5, 2018


Your personal brand represents who you are and what you stand for. It comprises your abilities, actions, accomplishments, experience, values and demeanor. Demonstrating your personal brand at work has become increasingly important for career success. The following six questions are designed to help you create a personal brand that will gain you the recognition you seek—and deserve.

1. Why does having a personal brand matter?
Because being a hard worker isn’t enough to have you register on people’s radar. The better you’re able to define (and exemplify) your brand, the faster you’ll advance. This occurs by focusing on your natural talents and passions.

2. How do others see you?
We evaluate each other in every interaction, be it a casual encounter, a formal meeting, a phone conference or an email. Ask co-workers, family and friends to describe you in a few words. Are you energetic, ambitious, a team player, even-tempered, respectful, reliable, truthful? If you’re surprised by their answers, no matter how flattering, you’ll need to reassess your brand.

3. What do people admire you for?
Are you a role model, a mentor, someone others depend on? What do you offer your organization and its mission that sets you apart? 
The tasks that spark excitement in you will always be part of your personal brand. So assess your strengths, weaknesses, key skills and passions.

4. How should you act?
Being kind, courteous, punctual, a good listener, someone who champions others’ ideas and a person who doesn’t gossip, along with conservative dress, good posture and thoughtful interactions with colleagues are all attributes of a powerful personal brand.

5. Have you built your personal brand online?
Don’t ignore your online presence. Google yourself to know what a current or future employer will find on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a personal website or blog. Make sure the messages you post are all reflect your particular brand message.

6. What are your short- and long-term goals?
Defining your personal and profession goals is the first step to knowing which tasks and projects will help further them. That, along with your compelling, consistent personal brand will take you farther, faster, than you’d imagined possible!

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