How Am I Doing? A Performance Review Checklist

May 29, 2014


Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York City, was famous for asking, “How am I doing?”. Koch welcomed feedback and dialog from his constituents. As your performance review approaches, you should also welcome that same the opportunity to learn what’s going right and what needs attention vis-à-vis your work performance. Here’s a short checklist of questions to ask yourself before your review.

  1. What have I accomplished so far this year? Did you establish a new system that saved time or money? Did you successfully complete a complicated assignment? Perhaps a manager or a client praised your performance. Write down everything you did well, and what value each activity has brought to your department or organization.
  2. What has not gone so well? Were there areas that were more challenging than anticipated? If so, set down what they were, and what help you believe you need in order to do better. This can include on- or off-site training, or, insightful feedback.
  3. Which of my goals or responsibilities need to be revisited? Some goals may no longer be a high priority, while others may have increased in importance. Be ready to discuss and revamp your plans moving forward. 
  4. How well am I managing my time? Have you been putting your most urgent goals first? What activities do you engage in that are time wasters? How can you dial down those particular activities and ramp up ones that allow you to accomplish more?
  5. Do I deserve a promotion or a raise? If you believe you’re due for either, you need to have excelled beyond expectations. Pull out your list of accomplishments. During your review, be very specific in conveying goals met or exceeded.
  6. What do I want to accomplish during the balance of the year? Do you want to take on more challenging assignments? If so, what skills might you need to develop or strengthen? Ask your manager for feedback about both and make sure that he or she knows you feel you’re ready for new responsibilities.

After your performance review, remember to get back together with your manager periodically to make sure you’re still on track! For more help preparing for your review, view ASAP's On-Demand Webinar: Ace Your Performance Review: 7 Can’t Miss Steps to Success!

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