How to Know Where to Get Your PACE Certification

May 23, 2023


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Are you ready to level up your admin skills? The Professional Administrative Certificate of Excellence (PACE) is a coveted credential that sets you apart from other admins and executive assistants. Attaining a PACE certification lets employers know that you are an expert in your field. 

Here at the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP), we are proud of our transformative PACE program and all it offers. Let’s take a look at some options for PACE training, the process of becoming PACE certified, and how it will give your career a boost. 

PACE: Getting Started 

Whether you're preparing to enter the administrative profession or already working a demanding job, you can start the PACE certification program today. The course is offered online and the schedule is flexible for busy professionals. Since everything is offered on a virtual platform, you can study at your own pace, at your convenience, and from anywhere in the world. 

Enrollment Aid from Your Employer

If you want to enroll in the PACE program and are already working as an admin professional, your employer may cover the cost of the program. In fact, here at ASAP, we have a request letter template to help you customize a request for your supervisor. With this letter, you can show upper management how beneficial this training will be for you and for the company as a whole.

The Cost

The cost to earn your PACE is $475 per individual. This covers everything you will need, including the study guide, training videos, practice quizzes, and the final exam. 

Training Software

The PACE program software is cloud-based. Once you fill out the PACE application, enroll, and pay, you will create a username and password. With this, you can access the study guide, watch training videos, and eventually take the final exam.

Average Time to Complete 

We recommend giving yourself six to nine months to complete the PACE certification program. This includes getting through the study guide and taking the exam. The great thing about this certification is you can truly work at your own pace. Some professionals may complete the program faster than others. However, everyone gets a full year to study and take the exam.

PACE Application

The PACE application starts here. In the virtual learning center, you will have the opportunity to go through the PACE modules, watch training videos, and take a practice quiz for each module. After studying the materials provided, you will be ready to take the exam.


The final exam for the PACE certification consists of 120 questions. You are given 90 minutes to complete the exam. Once you begin the exam, the timer will start. It is important to note that you are not permitted to pause the timer once the exam beings, and you must click the “submit” button before the timer runs out to see your score.

Passing the PACE Exam

To pass, you must achieve a score of at least 80%. You will have three chances to pass the final exam. Once you earn a passing score, you will be able to download your certificate. You can then present this PACE certification to your current employer, add it to your LinkedIn profile, and put it on your resume for future job interviews. 

Get Started Today 

Earning your PACE certification is a highly rewarding and beneficial experience. It will set you apart from the competition, increase your confidence, and help you to advance in your workplace and career. Don’t wait to invest in yourself. Contact us today to get started.

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