LinkedIn Tips That Can Help Jump-Start Your Career

April 30, 2015


Customize your URL
The best LinkedIn URL is one that’s simple and personalized, i.e., one that includes your name. For example: Should “samspade” be taken, consider adding your city, job, or another identifying factor to the URL, i.e., “samspadesanfrancisco” or “samspadepi.”

Delete Incorrect Endorsements
Some connections may endorse you for skills you either don’t possess, or that are not relevant to your job. Delete ‘em! On the main menu, choose “Edit Profile.” Click on a skill; a menu will appear. Click the “X” next to each problematic skill—and it’s gone!

Use Status Updates
Remind contacts that you’re out there. Post an update of interest (“I just gave a speech about marketing widgets!”) to remind connections of your value in your area of expertise. However, limit the number of updates you post daily, or people may write you off as a spammer.

Turn off Activity Broadcasts
Each time you revise your profile—modify your summary, update your experience, follow a new organization—LinkedIn emails those changes to your connections. To prevent this, move your cursor over your photo on your homepage. Select Privacy & Settings ( Sign in if asked to. Then, turn activity broadcasts off.

Use a High Quality Headshot
Profiles with photos are much more likely to be viewed than those without one. So face front. Be well lit. Smile. Don't hold a glass of alcohol. Turn your head a bit to the left so that on the webpage, you’ll be “facing” toward, rather than away from, your entry.

Include Volunteer Experiences
Volunteering has been proven to give job candidates an advantage with HR managers, who report viewing volunteer work as extremely valuable experience—right up there with professional accomplishments.

Apply for Jobs on Your Smart Phone 
With the LinkedIn app, you can now be notified of and apply for jobs on your smart phone. Just open the app and click the “Jobs” tab. Each listing will let you “Apply” or “Save for later.” Your LinkedIn network will not be notified.

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