Six Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job

December 23, 2021


No one loves their job every day. Crabby coworkers, unreasonable demands, difficult bosses, and pandemic-related stress are part of every workplace—at least some of the time. The big question: Are these issues you can deal with, or have things gotten so bad that they’re deal breakers? Here are six signs that it’s time to look for a new job.

1. You're not going anywhere, fast

There’s no possible room for advancement where you work—no promotions, no pay raises, and humdrum work you could do in your sleep. If you’ve asked for new opportunities and been turned down, it’s clear you can’t climb the career ladder here.

2. You butt heads with your boss daily

You feel neither respected nor supported. Whenever you attempt to contribute a useful idea, the boss puts it down. The result? You always feel uncomfortable voicing an opinion. Continuous disrespect and a lack of support is never worth putting up with.

3. The workplace is toxic

Pessimism permeates the air—even over Zoom. Colleagues are constantly grousing—about the company, their jobs, a lack of support from management. Turnover is high. It’s time to get out of there!

4. Procrastination is your new normal

You can’t muster the energy to start new projects. “Why bother?” you think. Then, you race through every job at the last moment—to the detriment of that work and the pride you might once have had in the job. When you’re that disengaged, leaving is the right move.

5. Work-Life balance has gone out the window

The boss, coworkers—even higher-ups—send you urgent emails all day, all night, and on the weekends. When there’s a true emergency, this is understandable. But if it never stops, you’re likely to burn out—physically and mentally. Start to look for a new position before that happens.

6. You hate waking up in the morning

You start to call in sick—or become sick—drag yourself to meetings (in-person or virtual), feel indifferent toward your work, and barely sleep at night for worrying about the next day. In short, your passion for what you do is gone—and so is your productivity. It’s time to leave.

Before quitting, you may want to speak with your manager see if your role can be modified to improve your prospects and satisfaction. If that doesn’t work, look for a new job that will offer you greater engagement, productivity, and happiness!

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