Top Ways Executive Assistants Add Value to Organizations

January 31, 2022


Great executive assistants are an invaluable resource to any organization. They are a great asset who can add a world of value to any organization when they provide pro-active, high-level support.

Whatever the size of the organization, and the industry within which it operates, here are some of the top ways executive assistants add value.

1. Executive Assistants Offer Next-Level Customer Service

First impressions matter a lot in business relationships. Great executive assistants do their best, including remembering small details about the client to make that initial interaction pleasant and create a lasting good first impression. Clients will no doubt feel more valued and welcome when there is someone at the lobby to greet them.

Great executive assistants are always thinking on the feet and have great in-the-moment problem-solving skills. If any issues arise with the visitors, they will work to quickly resolve them, and avoid tainting that great first impression.

2. They Keep the Right Information Flowing

Executive assistants act as gatekeepers for their executives. This does not mean people out, but, rather, knowing who to let in and when. You will be able to gauge whether someone going in and interrupting your executive’s schedule for the day will be for the best or not.

In this role, you will have a mandate over the control of information and how well it flows in the organization. Always understand what information should be shared with what parties, and the impact of this information. At times, you may even need to share information while keeping the confidences of your executive. Again, not all information needs to be shared, in which case, you may need to hoard these details and maintain confidentiality.

3. Executive Assistants Increase Productivity

The productivity and, by extension, the success of any organization, hinges on so many moving parts. Executive assistants take on so many tasks, including calendar management, managing the phone line and staying on top of travelling arrangements among a host of other administrative tasks. Each of these functions is a crucial element of the overall productivity of the organization.

Additionally, by taking on these tasks, you will be freeing up a lot of time for your executive and the team you support. This way, they can focus on more strategic work, and implementing other ways to maximize productivity.

4. They Improve Collaboration

Team work, and collaborating for a better output is crucial in any organization. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most challenging.

Enter executive assistants who liaise and coordinate between different teams and departments to improve collaboration. If you can streamline communication between different parties, you will no doubt help to strengthen the team effort framework, and help your organization achieve its goals.

5. Executive Assistants take on Special Projects

Some special initiatives may not fall under any specific department in the organization. Whenever such projects come up, the leader and problem solver in executive assistants really comes out. You can take lead on these special projects.

Again, depending on the organization, and the delegation structure in place, you can take lead on various functions. You may be able to manage the internship and volunteer program at your organization. Also, you can be in charge of managing staff benefits. Indeed, with your problem-solving skills and determination, you may be able to take on any tasks important to your executive and team, but for which there is yet to be a full-time hire. 

6. Executive Assistants Tell Stories

No. It is not about sitting down in the break room and exchanging gossip with other executive assistants. That would be very unprofessional and not expected of a loyal executive assistant.

On the contrary, you can do so much with positive story telling. How about being a part of your organization’s content marketing team? You can do this by creating a blog for your organization, create a company newsletter, and manage your executive’s official social media presence. It’s great PR, and you can contribute to your company’s marketing efforts.

7. Executive Assistants Build and Nurture Company Culture

The culture at any organization has such a great impact, especially in attracting and retaining talent. So many people are culture-minded, and will always go for, and stay at an organization with strong company culture.

As an executive assistant, you can do so much to build a warm and strong culture at your organization. From putting together staff appreciation initiatives to organizing team-building exercises and office parties, there is so much you can do. You will be interacting with the staff in your organization a lot and can pick up their pain points and gather ideas on what would make the workplace atmosphere better.

In conclusion, executive assistants play a very important role in any organization. While not extensive, this is a highlight of how you can add value to your organization and support the productivity and growth of your executive and team.

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