What to Do When Your Company Values Oppose Your Own

July 27, 2022


It can be challenging for a company that conflicts with your values and philosophy. You may resent daily interactions and tasks. Ultimately, this is not a healthy relationship, and something has got to give. Understanding how to deal with conflicts will allow better conditions for both sides. 

Start from the beginning.

Before you have even selected your job, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to choose a company that reflects your beliefs well. A great way to ensure this is to ask tremendous and in-depth questions during the interview. You can prepare for this by reading the company’s website before the interview. A company’s mission statement also gives insight into how they function as a team and what its core values are. During this process, get a feel of how they treat and value their current employees. Finally, remember that you are interviewing them, and them interviewing you during the interview phase. 

Understanding a company’s core values

Finding a company that aligns with your core values may be nearly impossible for some. Company values are not always guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your own. Many different social philosophies conflict with company core values and personal values entirely.

A company’s core values guide its employees and the public to understand its mission and goals. Once you know your company’s core values, decisions can be easier since you will better understand your company’s intent. Furthermore, if your core values conflict with the company's core values, you will better understand why decisions are made that way. This can make things less frustrating when you disagree.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts occur in all facets of life, whether in romantic relationships, family members, or professional settings. Understanding how to resolve a dispute is an essential tool that allows you to grow and have a better relationship with the conflicting party. So often, a conflict stems from one side feeling ignored. 

This applies significantly to workplace scenarios when personal values are threatened. When this happens, feelings of resentment are usually harbored within an employee. Perhaps you were previously unaware of your company's core values, and their decision exposed them. When this happens, it is easy to feel frustrated and want to start a conflict. However, it is important not to attack them with an accusatory tone. Furthermore, do not come at them with anger and try not to make it personal if it is not. These tips will make it easier to move on from workplace conflict with a better understanding of the intent behind your company's core values moving forward. 

Tools for understanding company values

Unfortunately, company values are not always apparent and presented in the open. Sometimes, diving into and asking questions takes time to understand your company's core values. You may be in a position where you realize your values oppose your company's core values at a point where it is too late to do much about it. The American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) offers excellent tools and resources better to understand communication and efficiency between employee and employer. Check out ASAP’s training resources for more information.

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