Resume Format Alternatives that Are Edging Out Paper

November 1, 2022


A woman sits nervously, clutching her resume, before an interview.
Trying out a new resume format could really make a difference in getting an employer's attention.

Your resume is the first foot in the door to limitless opportunities. It’s the first thing potential employers see before they even meet you face-to-face. Arguably, building a resume that’s comprehensive, easy to read, and organized is the most important part of a job search. With so many online platforms now making resumes accessible to thousands of potential employers, is paper out? It’s time to switch up your resume format. Here are some new formats to impress employers, increase job opportunities, and land the career of your dreams.

Streamline Your Resume Format

Although it’s important to pin down a basic resume format, there are better ways to stand out from the crowd. These new, innovative, and integrated ways of delivering your resume are what truly impress potential leads. If you’re on the hunt for a new job, or you’re ready for a career change, try out these new formats:

Presentation Resume

Really WOW job prospects with a well-prepared digital presentation. Using apps like Powerpoint, Prezi, or other presentation services, create an interactive display of your work experience. You can bring this well-made presentation to an interview, or showcase it on your social media profile. Without taking up too much of the interviewer’s time, create a 5-minute-long presentation. This way, prospects can get to know you.

Video Resume

More and more jobs appreciate, and even require, video resumes from their candidates. Video resumes show off some of your communication skills, professionalism, and personality traits. Create a video presentation and have it handy when you apply to new roles. Potential jobs will get a sense of who you are even before you step foot into an interview.

Visual Resume

Resumes that come complete with graphics, charts, or other forms of visualization will show your prospects your level of attentiveness. This works especially well for those in fields like graphic design, or other modes of visual art. Show off your skills with an eye-catching display of your work history!

Hybrid Resume

A hybrid resume combines the best aspects of various resume formats, such as visual, infographic, written, video, and even presentation. This not only catches the attention of a hiring manager, but it demonstrates your multifaceted skillset. This is perfect for an applicant who is multi-talented and multi-passionate. Consider creating a hybrid resume packed with all of your work history and achievements.

Business Card Resume

Want hiring managers to remember your name at networking events? Attach a QR Code of your resume to your business card. Also include basic information on your business cards like name, contact info, and key skills. This will communicate to job prospects your level of professionalism and innovation. Having everything in one convenient location benefits you as well as potential employers.

LinkedIn Resume

If you’re not already on LinkedIn, you should be. Your LinkedIn profile is one of the top ways recruiters find candidates. Your LinkedIn resume comes stocked with achievements, volunteer experience, job history, and even personal interests. You can get your foot in the door of your industry with a LinkedIn profile. 

Updated Resume Formats Impress Desirable Companies

Desirable companies want candidates that go the extra mile. Updated resume formats do just that. Showcase your expansive skillset and create a resume that helps you stand out from the crowd. Is it time to throw away your paper resume? Well, if you want the job of your dreams - probably. Give your resume a makeover with any of these innovative resume formats. Your career will thank you.

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