Senior Administrative Assistant Interview: Peyton Ticknor

November 8, 2023


Peyton Ticknor

Welcome to the second installment of our Career Corner Interview series! ASAP offers a welcoming space for admins to discuss their career trajectories, professional successes, and personal experiences. We hope this series inspires the next generation of administrative professionals by highlighting seasoned admins and showcasing potential career paths.

This month, we're spotlighting Peyton Ticknor, ASAP Advisory Board member and Senior Administrative Assistant at Target. Recently, Peyton was interviewed by The Forage, a career/mentor platform for students, and was featured in their article, "How to Choose a Career: 6 Steps, Plus a Free Quiz." Read her extended answers below on choosing a career path that aligns with you.

What's the first thing a student should do when trying to choose a career path?

The first thing a student should do when trying to choose a career path is to figure out what brings them joy. Some questions to ask some of your trusted and close friends and family in addition to yourself include: "What are some things that get you excited?" or "What are some things you enjoy doing that you could turn into a career?" 

For me, I enjoy helping people at my core. As an administrator, I help my leaders and teams everyday. Something else that brings me joy is organization and completing tasks, as well as variety. I absolutely love that no day is the same as an administrator, and at the end of each day I get a lot of gratification looking at things crossed off my list and bringing organization into the chaos of a fast paced environment. 

What's one mistake you see students make when trying to choose a career path?

One mistake students often make is following a career path that maybe a family member wants them to follow rather than something they really want for themselves. It can be hard to let your family down when maybe they have encouraged you for many years to follow a certain career path instead of helping you figure out what really drives you or brings you joy.

As a mom of a young child, I am trying to steer conversations about his future around what he enjoys doing the most, or what he could see himself doing everyday for many years. Of course, at his age, it is all about fun and physical activity. He loves soccer, so his answer is that he wants to be a professional soccer player. As a parent, I try to mention other careers that involve soccer that he might not have thought about, such as coaching, business management, or even marketing for a team. As he continues to grow and further his education, I will keep coming back to the question, "What brings you joy?" and then discuss careers that involve that joy on a regular basis. 

What's one piece of advice you have for students in the class of 2024 who are trying to choose a career path?

One piece of advice for students in the class of 2024 would be to start growing your network. As your network grows, career options will flourish. Start building your network with your teachers and counselors as well as friends and family members, and then ask them to connect you with people in their network. Remember it isn't always about what you know, but WHO you know!

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