Simplifying Social Media Content Management for Admins and Executive Assistants

December 5, 2023


A person types on a laptop with a graphic of social media symbols, demonstrating social media management.

Executive assistants regularly handle tasks and jobs on behalf of an executive or an executive team. In the modern business landscape, social media continues to be one of these tasks. 

This post highlights the strategies that EAs can implement to make social media a valuable resource for their executive.

Building a Brand with Social Media Content Marketing

Whether you’re building your own socials or posting on behalf of an executive, building a brand is a critical component in any administrative career path. Here are some of the most effective steps to create a personal brand online.

Build a Cohesive Strategy

Before you begin posting, carve out a strategy that details your goals for your social media presence. Will you be showcasing your executive’s skills and wins? Are you utilizing the platforms solely for networking? 

Determining how you’ll position yourself or your executive is a critical first step to building a brand. 

Create a Posting Schedule 

With a solid strategy in place, it’s time to create a posting schedule. While posting live or off-the-cuff may seem more organic, sticking to a schedule creates a structure that is easy to follow and removes any room for error. 

Establish Your Voice

In the same thread as consistency, maintaining a cohesive voice as an admin professional or an executive will also build on any individual’s credibility. 

Whether you’re aiming to network with others in the industry or to develop a brand centered around thought leadership, a strong voice is a must-have. 

Be Consistent 

While working on a schedule, lean into consistency to pave the way. If you plan to use existing content, like blog posts or other company collateral, try sticking to one or two days a week to share this type of content. 

Your audience will come to expect these types of posts, which can build your authenticity and credibility as a professional. 

Prioritize Networking

It’s called social media for a reason! Regardless of your role, you can rest assured that there are plenty of like-minded individuals looking to build professional relationships online. 

Each platform has its own way of networking, from forums on Reddit to professional groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Make an effort to find your people. 

Be Strategic with Your Platforms

Rather than posting to every social media platform, be strategic with your time and energy. Explore the various social channels and find where you can be most effective for yourself or your exec. 

We recommend starting with two or three platforms and scaling up as you see fit. 

Utilizing a Content Management System

As an executive assistant, time management is a critical skill to be successful in your role. Fortunately, many tools and resources exist to manage the content and social media aspects of your position. 

Utilizing a content management system (CMS) for creating and publishing blog content on an existing website is a path many organizations choose. If one of your primary job functions is to develop or manage website copy or blog content, a CMS is the best way to do so.

Popular content management system platforms include:

  • Hubspot

  • WordPress

  • Blogger

  • Wix

  • Joomla

  • Magento

Many content management systems, such as Hubspot, integrate with social media platforms to streamline posting and other mundane tasks. 

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