Streamlining Support: Three Ways AI Chatbots are Revolutionizing Administrative Workflows

April 9, 2024


AI Chat Bot

Did you know that AI chatbots can help streamline administrative professionals’ workflows? Across industries, these cutting-edge tools are revolutionizing efficiency across industries, making them a hot topic in the administrative world.

Dive in to discover why embracing new technology is a game-changer. Then, explore three winning strategies for harnessing the power of AI chatbots: automating routine tasks, simplifying collaboration, and managing customer inquiries.

Embracing AI Chatbots 

Technology is an integral part of everyday administrative duties. As solutions evolve and become more user-friendly, it’s essential to remain receptive to adopting them, so you can stay current with your industry’s skills and standards.

How can chatbots increase efficiency?

An AI chatbot is a computer-programmed robot that simulates human interactions to complete tasks. Healthcare, e-commerce, and finance are just a few of the industries that use chatbots to improve their customers’ experiences and workstreams.

When effectively implemented, chatbots are easy to use and can significantly impact the efficiency of managing administrative professionals’ workloads. Think of it as an eager-to-learn assistant capable of handling routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on responsibilities that require strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Strategy 1: Automate Tasks

Administrative professionals can use AI chatbots to automate everyday duties like:

Meeting coordination and scheduling

Instead of manually checking all six coworkers’ calendars to find an hour when everyone is available, chatbots can scan schedules and locate open blocks of time for meetings. Plus, bots like will also take care of meeting reminders, send follow-ups, and even summarize the main talking points.

Data retrieval and entry

Chatbots use techniques like optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) to read and extract information from emails, documents, and forms. So, a bot could scan all the receipts from your company’s event, categorize the purchases, total the expenses, and then input the data into your accounting software. 

Email inbox management

Bots can take your inbox management to the next level with the ability to prioritize message importance based on the sender, subject line, and message. If you tell a chatbot to make your boss’s emails a priority, then it can push those messages to the top. They can also provide templates for emails about setting up meetings, approving PTO, or any other questions you regularly receive. Use the technology to automate responses and schedule them for a later date.

The possibilities for improving your productivity with the help of chatbot automation techniques are endless. 

Strategy 2: Simplify Collaboration

Use an AI chatbot to cut back on the manual pieces of collaboration all Admins are responsible for, like:

Conducting polls and surveys

Let a bot collect feedback from your team and organize the responses into useful, actionable steps. 

Training and onboarding colleagues

Set up the necessary workflows for getting a new team member up-to-speed on company policies, tools, and routines, then use a chatbot to help deliver the information. AI bots can provide simulations, quizzes, and interactive tutorials to help onboard a coworker.

Sharing project information and updates

When you’re working with a large group, chatbots can deliver real-time updates and announcements to keep everyone aligned on the project’s progress, helping keep the initiative running smoothly and on time. 

Admins are always at the center of new information, so being able to utilize this technology can optimize your team’s collaboration and communication without bogging down your to-do list.

Strategy 3: Gatekeep Customer Inquiries

You’ve probably noticed that you get the same few questions from customers over and over again. AI chatbots can act as a frontline to address these common customer situations:

Answer FAQs

Set up a bot to provide answers to your most-asked inquiries. This can be on your company’s website, your inbox, or even on your phone line. The bot acts as a first line of defense to quickly give customers the information they need without tying up your time.

Route customers to the correct person

If a customer has a specific question that requires assistance from a real person, you can use an AI chatbot to collect enough information to determine where they should be routed and then alert the correct colleague.

Provide 24/7 assistance

Chatbots can work every day of the week, all the time. This type of customer service is invaluable and can alleviate long wait times and customer pain points. And it can help improve your work-life balance.

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