Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Digital Business Card

May 5, 2023


A group of hands holding their phones in a circle, highlighting the importance of getting a digital business card.

Are you still using paper business cards? Technology is advancing at record speed and the world of networking is not immune to these changes. If you are still using a paper business card, it may be time to consider going digital.

A digital business card allows you to share your contact information easily and quickly with new connections, and helps to set you apart from the competition. Let’s dive into this new way to share your info and expand your network.

Digital Business Cards 101 

What are digital business cards? Digital business cards are a unique and personalized electronic version of your normal business card. With digital business cards, professionals can link all of their emails, social media sites, websites, and contact information in one convenient place. 

Here are the top reasons why digital business cards are growing in popularity and making their way into the networking world.   

  • They are convenient. As long as you have your phone, you have your business card handy and ready to go. 

  • They are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. You can create your own digital business card and make changes as often as you want. Plus, you can do so without wasting paper or paying expensive printing and shipping costs. 

  • They increase your conversion rate for follow-up meetings. Most paper business cards get tossed into a pocket, car, or purse, and are not given much thought again. With a digital business card, your contact information goes right to the recipient's phone or email inbox. This allows for easier follow-up and a better conversion rate of new connections. 

  • You don’t need contact information to share your digital business card. Share digital business cards via email, social media, or even on Zoom or through a webinar with a simple QR code. It opens up more avenues for networking and sharing your contact information when you can’t physically hand your business card to someone. 

  • They set you apart from others. If you are at a networking event or meeting a new colleague and you have a digital business card, this sets you apart from others. You will be more memorable to potential contacts. You’re also more likely to connect with that person than others who blend in with the crowd. 

Digital Business Cards: What Are Your Options? 

There are quite a few great platforms available for creating your first digital business card. Let’s take a look at the two most popular ones. 

  1. A great option that’s taking the networking world by storm is dot business cards. With their next-level networking platform, you can connect with multiple people at once. It also integrates with both iPhones and Androids, so you don’t need a special app for others to see your profile. 

  2. Popl is another fast-growing electronic business card brand. Popl allows you to link your contact information, your social media platforms, websites, and more, all in one convenient profile. Many professionals and teams across the globe already use Popl. 

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