Administrative Assistant Hacks: Tips to Automate Outlook

December 20, 2021


Maintaining a tidy inbox can feel daunting despite all of your other day-to-day tasks and activities. Still, you can stay on top of your Outlook without wasting valuable time and energy with some straightforward automation systems.

These productivity tips will help you harness the power of automation to minimize redundant tasks and be more productive. This leaves you with more time to focus on other priorities without worrying about missing important communication, updates, or meetings.

Automated workflows allow you to make your Outlook more effective, powerful, and a true asset for your daily professional activities. Setting up an automated Outlook is quick and immediately increases efficiency.

Stay on Top of Meetings, Schedules, and Workflow

By setting up an auto-reply, you can send personalized messages in real-time and then follow up when you are available. This lets you maintain accountability without wasting valuable time replying to each meeting invite individually.

By utilizing automated replies, you save time and significantly reduce the number of emails you have to compose. This Outlook tip also builds your reputation by displaying your dedication to responding promptly and maintaining communication lines with your colleagues, supervisors, and management team.

 Create Automated To-Do Lists and Increase Productivity

It happens to the best of us, but you can stop action items from slipping through the cracks with this simple but effective Outlook productivity tip. Create a task manager that tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists so that you will be alerted in real-time and stay on top of everything you have to do.

Let automation do the work for you and organize your project action items, professional requests, and anything else that makes its way into your inbox. By harnessing the power of automation, you can stop the cycle of distractions that happens when you get a new notification and feel compelled to respond immediately. 

Turn your Outlook inbox into a powerful, streamlined tool instead of a jumble of spam, professional communication, and other messages that can get lost in the course of a busy day.

Keep Teams Updated and In the Loop

It's become a cliche, but it remains true: time is money, and when you can manage your teams, executive leadership, and daily tasks seamlessly you spend less time on repetitive duties and can focus on higher priorities. When you have multiple users in the same inbox, it can be a logistical nightmare unless you utilize automation. This is one of the best Outlook productivity tips because it allows multiple users to stay organized and on top of all communication. This increases productivity and organizes workflow without individual monitoring, allowing every team member to focus on higher priority tasks. This can include recorded meetings, cross-platform communication, and project updates.

Maintain Current Contact Information for Clients, Colleagues, and Executives

In today's digital landscape, maintaining current contact information for team members, executives, clients, and technical support can be a daunting task. Keep track of evolving contact information and updates with automated syncing that will update contracts across all platforms when you add a new contact.

When you utilize automation for your Outlook inbox, you can stop spending hours organizing your inbox and focus on increasing you, your teams, and your executive staff's productivity without the risk of missing out on important information or updates.

Outlook's built-in automation tools already feature powerful options to take control of your inbox, though there are third-party apps and extensions that can further increase your productivity. Whether it's an automated response or maintaining a current database of contacts harnessing the power of automation is one of the most efficient ways to boost productivity.


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