Why Every Executive Assistant Should Check Out Base as Their Next Digital Tool

September 22, 2022


Every executive assistant needs help staying organized!
Every executive assistant needs help staying organized!

Executive assistants looking for a new software program that can streamline their jobs should consider Base.

Base is a new digital platform that is built with the daily needs of executive assistants in mind. This new program allows you to easily manage communication and tasks, manage scheduling, and much more, all from one central platform. It will be your new digital base of operations throughout the workday.

Here are some of the most exciting things you can do with Base’s platform.

How Base Can Help Executive Assistants

Streamlining Executive Communication

Base makes communicating with your executive easier than ever with an array of communication options designed for efficiency. With Base, you can create short, simple summaries and overviews of information. This way, nothing gets lost, overlooked, or forgotten in communication. This feature allows you to present only essential information, provide and receive feedback, and make sure all questions are answered.

Another feature allows you to create simple poll questions for your executive or team to respond to. This allows you to get fast responses with no confusion and no chance of miscommunication. Arrange meetings, set up tasks, and more all with a few simple questions and poll options.

Base also allows you to keep track of all communications in one easy-to-find location. This way you can always circle back to make sure nothing important gets overlooked. Base is compatible with most other popular platforms as well. This means you can receive and store messages from Slack, email, and more all while using Base.

Creating and Managing Tasks

One of the features that sets Base apart in executive assistant jobs is its organizational features. With Base, organizing your daily tasks has never been easier. Base allows you to save and repurpose specific communications into new tasks for yourself. If you are discussing a topic with an executive, Base allows you to pull out text from the conversation. From there, you can create a new task around it.

Base also allows you to send messages to your inbox from other applications. This makes it even easier to keep track of conversations throughout the workweek. Nothing gets lost, and everything you need is stored in a single location.

Speaking of information storage, Base also makes it easier than ever to search and prioritize your information. With a range of sorting and searching options, like color coding, search filters, and prioritization options, Base is a platform that thinks like an executive administrative assistant.

Optimized Scheduling

Base’s streamlined scheduling software makes it easier than ever to construct a work schedule. Base can balance multiple calendars side by side, so that you never have to deal with any inadvertent scheduling conflicts again.

Base’s analytics tools can also provide a breakdown of your scheduling efficiency, and how executives can best use their time. Keep track of how much time is spent traveling, in meetings, attending events, and more. Base both provides more scheduling information, and makes scheduling easier, than any other executive assistant tool available right now.

Building Your Executive Assistant Resume

Tools like Base make life easier for executive administrative assistants. But this is not the only way you can improve your performance as an executive assistant.

At ASAP, we are committed to providing training, resources, and any helpful tips we can for hard-working executive assistants. From PACE Certification to webinars and programs, to helpful tips on how to get more out of your career.

ASAP is an organization committed to helping you grow your executive assistant resume and get the most out of your career. Learn more about us and considering joining as a member today.

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