Everything You Need to Know about Implementing Microsoft OneDrive

January 19, 2023


Two coworkers sit across from each other on a table, working on Microsoft Tablets. Image demonstrates how Microsoft OneDrive can be used collaboratively.
Microsoft OneDrive is an incredibly powerful tool for working on a project as a team.

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the most useful tools available to administrative professionals. Anyone who works with a heavy volume of digital documents of varying file types should be familiar with OneDrive. 

If you’re an experienced administrative professional or office manager, you may already understand OneDrive. Or, you may be new to its systems, and want to learn more. Either way, having an in-depth understanding of what Microsoft OneDrive is, and everything it's capable of, can help. So what is Microsoft OneDrive, and how can it help you?

OneDrive Microsoft Office’s All-In-One Cloud Storage Service

With OneDrive, Microsoft Office users can save and share their files and documents across multiple devices. This comes in handy for professionals who might need to switch regularly between devices throughout their day. Being able to hop between devices without losing files is a huge convenience. This is true whether you’re transferring a slideshow for a presentation, or switching between an office and home computer.

Because it is a Microsoft product, all of the standard, familiar Microsoft applications are compatible with OneDrive. That means Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files can all be stored and shared using OneDrive’s cloud storage space. Photos, PDFs, and other document types can also be shared using OneDrive.

OneDrive also allows users to share documents with one another, with a wide range of customization settings. For collaborative team projects, users can share and edit the same document freely across all of their individual devices. Or, you may share a document with other users with editing disabled for presentation or document-sharing purposes.

Sharing files through OneDrive is fast and easy, especially when sharing with other Microsoft 365 users. You simply need to click the “Share” button, and enter the email addresses of anyone you wish to share the document.

Users who are already familiar with the interface of other Microsoft platforms, like Word and Excel, should have no trouble using OneDrive. It integrates seamlessly with these programs, and the interface is consistent across all Microsoft products.

What is Microsoft OneDrive and its Pricing Plan?

So, what is Microsoft OneDrive and its pricing plan?

Microsoft OneDrive comes free with Windows 11 and starts with 5 GB of cloud storage space. Users and businesses can pay for upgraded plans, as well. $1.99 per month doubles the available storage to 100 GB, for instance. 

However, Microsoft also offers a special, standalone OneDrive for Business package. This includes up to 1 TB of storage, starting at just $5 per month. More advanced options include added features like multi-factor authentication, advanced security, and access to additional Microsoft products.

Do I Need to Download Microsoft OneDrive?

If you and your company are already operating on Windows 11, you do not need to download Microsoft OneDrive. The program comes free along with other basic Microsoft 365 programs. 

However, OneDrive is compatible with other devices, including Macs, and both Android and iPhone smartphones. For these devices, you will need to download OneDrive to get access to your files. 

Additionally, you will need to pay for higher-level plans such as OneDrive for Business. But getting started with OneDrive requires no work at all if you already have Windows 11 installed on your device.

Microsoft OneDrive and Other Products To Consider

Microsoft OneDrive is just one of many tools Microsoft offers that can make your job much easier. The tech giant has invested a ton into its software to keep your projects and communication organized at work. 

Check out our lists of reasons why Microsoft OneNote is also incredibly valuable to see one example. Or, consider joining ASAP to receive access to more helpful resources and opportunities to grow your skills and professional knowledge.

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