Top 3 Social Media Companies For Small Business Relations

March 10, 2022


It’s no mystery to anyone living in the modern-day that the world has gone digital. Advertising has changed drastically in the last twenty, even ten years, with Meta, LinkedIn, and Google. While billboards still mark the landscape by the hundreds and newspapers still stay in print, many of the ads most people are exposed to are going to be seen online. 

All of us by now have gotten used to the subtle or not-so-subtle ads that show up in many creative ways while we browse. Some sit explicitly on the edges of the screen. Others are worked into the very texts we read as links or pop-ups. We will often be subject to something called tailored ads, which are based on our own interaction online, but that’s for another article. 

The bottom line is that the world has gone digital and small businesses are starting to move with it. 

Social media has taken the forefront of how businesses gain revenue and traction. There seem to be more and more added each year, with the most recent addition being Meta. Let’s take a look at the top three social media companies that a small business will want to invest in to best develop its online relations.


If you haven’t heard the recent news, Facebook is going through a bit of restructuring. The focus is now moving to having a fully devoted virtual space to conduct business meetings, host business, and well, do whatever a user pleases. It is an ambitious project that stands to push the use of virtual interactions to a new level. This, of course, means another space for small businesses to spread the word about what they have to offer. It’s still in its infancy, but we’re sure that Meta is going to be in the spotlight and in front of our minds in the near future.


Let’s step away from virtual reality for a moment and look at something a little more familiar. LinkedIn has grown to be one of the core social media hubs for professionals looking to network with others in their own field. It is a great space for hosting one's different skills and assets in the hopes of catching a new employer’s eyes. It has also become one of the best places for small businesses to set up a solid space for themselves to further showcase what they have to offer.

Google My Business

With a name that has just about taken over the world, Google is the largest internet presence in this day and age. They offer too many services to get into detail here while still doing them justice. With the Google My Business application, it’s easier than ever to get your business out there. This app is similar to other social media profiles, but what sets it apart is its focus on businesses large and small. It allows interaction with customers in real time. Maintaining current business information becomes a breeze with real-time editing. This application is great for both business veterans and people looking to start their own business.

It allows for an easy glimpse at what the business does, accurate offers, other customer experiences, what the hours are, and when the best times to visit are. When you’re sitting, thinking of “what to do for my business,” Google My Business should definitely be one of your first stops.

Here’s to New Business and New Networks

Another great step that a small business can take is to find some assistance in getting set up online. The American Society of Administrative Professionals offers plenty of resources for anyone looking to apply greater organizational and advertising skills. From finding the most efficient space online to creating an easy-to-navigate profile, administrative assistance is always a must for any business looking to grow. Don’t take a shot in the dark with this one. We’ve got your back.

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