Why LinkedIn Learning is an Asset for Businesses

June 27, 2022


LinkedIn acquired the popular online learning platform for $1.5 billion in 2015 and launched LinkedIn Learning about one year later. The platform has proven so beneficial that more than 78% of Fortune 100 companies and 27 million businesses and individuals currently use it. Undoubtedly, these companies wouldn’t use the platform if they didn’t stand to benefit from it.

Every business can benefit from LinkedIn Learning, regardless of its size. Here is a brief overview of the potential benefits of LinkedIn Learning for your business.

A Brief Introduction to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform developed by LinkedIn, the leading professional social networking platform. The platform is hosted on, a reputable online learning platform acquired by LinkedIn in 2015.

LinkedIn Learning offers more than 16,000 courses in technology, business, and creative studies. The courses are developed based on standard syllabuses and using insights from more than 546 million professionals on the LinkedIn social network platform. Notably, the courses are taught by industry experts with real-world experience in their respective fields.

How Can LinkedIn Learning Benefit Your Business?

LinkedIn Learning is an invaluable asset for any business, as evidenced by the platform’s high adoption rate among Fortune 100 companies. The platform offers businesses (and employees) dozens of benefits, most notably:

·       Career Growth & Improved Productivity

Ideally, no one wants to be stuck in a dead-end job for the rest of their lives. A recent report published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) shows that at least 81% of American employees expect their careers to grow.

LinkedIn Learning offers more than 16,000 courses and dozens of recognizable certifications from reputable institutions. Ideally, employees can enroll in courses that advance their knowledge, skills, and certifications, adding value to their careers.

Ideally, employees’ productivity increases as their knowledge, skills, and overall expertise improve. Notably, non-technical and technical skills have five-year and two-year half-lives, respectively – this means that an employee’s skills are half as valuable as they were when they acquired them.

Notably, organizations with a learning culture are 92% more likely to develop new products and solutions. Learning new skills also makes employees 15-80% more engaged and improves their productivity by up to 52%. Ideally, LinkedIn Learning can help preserve your employees’ skills’ value and improve their productivity.

·       Higher Employee Retention

Did you know that your employees are 82% more likely to quit their jobs if you don’t offer career development programs and opportunities? In contrast, a 2018 survey by LinkedIn reveals that 92% of employees would be willing to stay longer if their employers invested in career development programs.

Employees are integral to a company’s operations, making employee retention vitally important. Unfortunately, the U.S. is currently experiencing mass resignations, with more than 4.7 million people quitting their jobs in 2021. Finding, hiring, and training new employees takes up valuable resources, including time and money. Fortunately, offering career development opportunities through LinkedIn Learning can improve your company’s employee retention.

·       Easier Recruiting, Onboarding & Training

LinkedIn Learning also offers a feature that enables employers to connect with universities and their students. Ideally, employers can exploit this feature to identify and recruit talented employees.

Employers can also develop customized learning courses and recommend them to their employees. They can also monitor each employee’s progress along the learning curve. Ideally, they can also use this feature to onboard and train their employees.

It is Worth It!

LinkedIn Learning is worth the investment for businesses and their employees. Ideally, the platform can help improve employee retention and productivity rates. Employers can also use the platform to find, hire, and train new talent. Notably, the premium LinkedIn Learning subscription fees are negligible compared to the platform’s potential benefits for your business – and the ROI is staggering. Indeed, LinkedIn Learning is an asset for businesses.

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