Why You Should Set Up Automatic Software & Device Updating

March 10, 2022


Do you ever find yourself going through the day feeling like there are just too many little things to keep on top of? Deciding what to wear to what to have for dinner are common daily decisions we all have to make. Everyone is bound to have their reliable digital sidekick by their side as they go about their days. Mobile phones and computers have become a staple of our modern society after all. 

The software and drivers that run these devices will require updates from time to time to keep them running efficiently. It can be hard, however, to stay on top of these updates amidst all of the regular non-digital daily tasks. That’s where automation comes in to make our lives easier. As if having the internet at hand at all times hasn’t already made things easier enough, now you can have your apps and update them, too.


So what is automation exactly in this context? It’s a pretty straightforward term. Just as we can set our slow cookers to have dinner ready by the time we get home, we can set up our devices to constantly check and update our favorite applications. How many times have you gone into an application just to find out you need to wait a few minutes or find WiFi to be able to use it. Trust me, we understand the frustration. It’s not a petty thing to get irritated by with the rapid age of information that we live in. Automation has become more standard than ever so it’s time to minimize the decisions you have to make during the day. Tech is here to help in big ways.

Automatic Updates

With the growth of automation, we also find ourselves with a greater degree of customization than ever before. Many phones and computers will have settings for overall application updates. You can choose whether to wait for WiFi for the updates to occur or opt to utilize personal data to let them happen. This can make the difference between running up those data costs. Each application you use will also allow you to set how often they update and whether or not they will do it automatically. Some apps you might use less frequently, so you may want to hold off on the updates until you come back to them. No need to use up extra storage space if you don’t have to.

Security Updates

The digital age brings with it a handful of new concerns in regards to security. Hackers and phishers run rampant and are always waiting around the next firewall. Each of our devices comes with its own security measure, but even those protocols and software will need to be refreshed every now and then. An automatic security update can make the difference between keeping your files safe at all times. Lots of security software will have settings on how often to check for updates, but sometimes the span of time between each of these updates will be a little too long for comfort. Be sure to set things to what makes you feel comfortable and to always check in on your trusty security programs. They are there to help.

Automatic Access to Resources

All of this information can get a little overwhelming. Those working in the administrative world will certainly understand the frustrations of not keeping your software and devices updated. Luckily, there is a large online network of those willing to help others looking to stay on top of their tech skills. At The American Society of Administrative Professionals, we offer the resources and information to always stay jacked in and up to date. Check us out today to see how we can help you update your life.

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