Centralizing your Role: How to Increase Productivity and Save Time


May 24, 2022
1:00pm - 2:15pm Eastern Time
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Being an Administrative Professional inherently means being in a scattered role. When every day looks different than the day before, lacking the right tools can lead to a defeating sense of wasted time, a heavy mental load, and messy inboxes.

Administrators are the glue of their companies and teams, yet there are far and few resources to help you work to your best potential. 

By centralizing your scattered requests, prioritizing your tasks, and optimizing your workflow, you can reclaim your valuable time and end the week with confidence. 

In our webinar, "Centralizing your Role: How to Increase Productivity and Save Time" we will cover:

  • How can we funnel our Post its, Notebooks, Calendars, and Inboxes into one place?
  • What are the ways we can prioritize our tasks based on impact and urgency?
  • In spite of a chaotic day to day, how can we optimize our schedules?
  • How centralizing your role can inform tracking all that you do and lead the charge towards your career development.

Hot Tip: For centralizing your workflow and saving you time, dedicate yourself to one location for all of your tasks. To increase your productivity, start thinking of your role in terms of buckets. Whether it's urgency, category, project or department based, attacking your to-do list by type gives clarity and reduces context shifting.

About Shayanne WrightShayanne’s greatest skill is turning human experiences into digital products. She has worked alongside thousands of administrative professionals to creatively problem solve together and build Office Otter. Shayanne is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of, a task management and performance tracking tool for EAs, Office Managers, HR roles, etc. Their tools also specializes in converting messages into tasks from any communication tool (Text, Email, Slack, Outlook, etc). Shayanne’s larger vision for Office Otter is to create standardized metrics and KPIs for these roles to unlock upward mobility. They have raised over $2M in funding and work with over 2,500 companies globally.


May 12, 2022

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