Partnering with Your Executive


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To excel as an executive assistant or administrative professional, you have to be able to seamlessly support all types of leaders. This webinar uses data-driven humor and anecdotal tales of wins and woes to dive into a career-defining opportunity: partnering with your boss. Build your emotional intelligence as you explore ways to connect with different boss types. Hear first-hand from one of your rapidly advancing peers the best ways to understand and adapt to your boss’ personal style, persevere in the face of adversity, and plan for mutual success. We’ll look at several examples of real-life bosses: what moves them, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to best build trust and support their efforts. 

Be prepared to walk away with a clear action plan on how to:

  • Focus your energy on what you have influence over
  • Become a ‘Hero’ who anticipates the challenges of others
  • Develop your ownership-mentality

Bonus Handout:  Your Action Plan

Hot Tip: Make a list of your bosses KPIs (Key performance indicators). If you know what success looks like for them, you can then create an action plan to ensure time is spent focusing on the activities that contribute to your boss’ KPIs.

About Nichol Goldstein: Nichol Goldstein is a senior executive assistant for Kaspersky Lab, a global cyber-security firm. With more than 12 years of experience as an EA, she has primarily supported small-to-medium size companies and has supported up to eight executives concurrently. Her areas of expertise include aiding EVPs, management and mentorship, accounting and auditing skills, cross-cultural communication, incentive and recognition award planning, project and event management, championing corporate culture, and public speaking (including at the 2017 APC!).

Beyond her role as an EA, Goldstein has also owned and managed multi-family rental properties, co-owned an Edible Arrangements franchise in Westford, MA, written/illustrated for comic books such as Jim Henson’s 'Fraggle Rock' and Cartoon Network’s 'Uncle Grandpa', and is very engaged with local charities. 

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