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Have you ever sat through a dull or confusing PowerPoint presentation and walked away wondering, “Now, what do I do with that information?” Do you worry that your own audiences may feel the same thing about your PowerPoints?

Join us for “PowerPoints® SIMPLIFIED!” and learn strategies and tested methods for engaging audiences in content to move them to action. Participants will walk away with a checklist of key questions to help build effective presentation decks that meets the needs of the audience and the objectives of the presenter.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize and remove common obstacles that sabotage presentations
  • Identify strategies to truly connect with your audience
  • Implement simple design strategies to enhance your messaging (including how to best share large amounts of data within a presentation)
  • Review presentation tips to maximize results

Bonus Handouts:
 The Plan Behind the PowerPoint, PowerPoint Image Resources

Hot Tip: There are many “rules” on the use of bullets on PowerPoint slides. Some are adamant the magic number is 3; some say 4. Some say use no more than seven words per slide! So many rules that one could be tempted to throw up their hands and cry “UNCLE!” and use as many bullets as will fit on the slide, or rebel and use no bullets at all. Instead, use good design sense to keep bullets short by removing unnecessary words, split large amounts of content into separate slides and sub-sections, and ensure that your font size is readable in the back of the room. That’s the secret for discovering the magic number of bullets to use in your presentation! 

About Kim Greenwood: Kim Greenwood is a word nerd who loves a good story. She is on a mission to help busy people and organizations tell their story in a way that moves people to act on what they’ve just seen/heard/experienced. She firmly believes you don’t need to be a PowerPoint® expert or communications guru to create effective presentations that bring results, but it does take a bit more effort than copying old, tired presentations and slapping in new content. (True confessions – we’ve all done this at one point, but there is a better way!)

Kim is currently the executive assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Pacific University, in Forest Grove, Oregon. She served as SIMPLIFY’s Director of Marketing and Communications for over seven years and currently serves as a SIMPLIFY! consultant offering clients and organizations the PowerPoints® SIMPLIFIED training. In her free time, she loves exploring new Portland culinary hot-spots and dabbles enough in crafty hobbies to be dangerous around a glue gun.

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July 8, 2019

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