Understanding Office 365 Collaboration


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In the beginning, there was SharePoint - Microsoft's tool for sharing and collaborating on files with your coworkers. Over the last five years, they've now introduced tools like Teams and Office 365 Groups, and your choices have gotten more complicated. If you have an Office 365 subscription, it's vital that you understand what each of these tools are good for, and what your organization can use to improve your processes.

  • Understanding the Benefits, Overlaps, and Differences between OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Office 365 Groups
  • Use Cases for Office 365 Groups
  • Creating and Using Teams
  • Integration between SharePoint Sites and Teams
  • Sharing and Coauthoring Files
  • Communication Preferences
  • Office 365 Integrations

Bonus Handouts:
 Tools in Office 365

Hot Tip: Use Planner During Meetings. To guarantee your meeting participants know who's doing what after the meeting, open Microsoft Planner and create a new plan. Now, you can create new tasks and assign them to people, right there in the room. No more Action Item lists in your meeting minutes!

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