Try These Eight AI Prompts to Streamline Data Entry and Scheduling

December 7, 2023


Two employees stand at a desk and review AI technology.

As busy admin professionals, any tool or resource that can make things more efficient should be greeted with open arms. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers significant advantages for administrators of all skill levels. 

From simplifying spreadsheets to alleviating the stress of taking meeting notes, AI can be leveraged to make you more efficient, prepared, and capable. 

To work with AI, however, you have to understand prompts and the role they play in making your job easier. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are AI Prompts?

Prompts are the way humans and the AI model interact. Prompts offer clear, concise instructions to the AI source on a specific topic. A prompt could be a question, directions, or any other information. The better a prompt is, the better the likelihood of the machine learning model in providing the most accurate information for the user. 

You may be wondering how AI can be leveraged in the administrative world. ChatGPT API in particular can be integrated into data entry and scheduling tools through an integration platform like Zapier to automate processes.

The Best AI Prompts for Data Entry and Scheduling

Data entry and scheduling may be two of the more mundane tasks in your job description that can also take up the majority of your day. AI can help streamline these tasks and allow you to complete more pressing, important responsibilities during your workday. 

AI Prompts for Data Entry

Data entry means something different in every organization. You may transcribe handwritten notes, phone calls, podcasts, interviews, or recordings into a private database. Perhaps you’re tasked with creating a surplus of new spreadsheets every month for expense purposes. 

AI has made considerable strides in data entry and can be used to streamline these processes.

Here are some helpful ChatGPT prompts to help with the repetitive tasks related to data entry:

  1. “Cross-check the data inputted in rows [Excel rows here] and check for any inconsistencies or errors.”

  2. “Import the data from [file] and organize it by the date it was uploaded.”

  3. “Update the customer in rows 50-99 to [Vendor name].”

  4. “Create a spreadsheet with [amount] rows and [amount] columns. Make the font size Arial 12, black. Add a space for a header after every ten rows. Add a tab for Notes.”

AI Prompts for Scheduling

Whether you’re sending out calendar invites to a group of executives or scheduling meetings for a group, AI can help make this task more efficient.

Here are a few ChatGPT scheduling prompts:

  1. “Schedule a recurring weekly meeting between [executive] and [team member] every Tuesday at 9 a.m. Send an email reminder to both parties 30 minutes before the meeting time. In the meeting details, please include the link to the meeting [Zoom link] and a high-level summary of what will be discussed.”

  2. “Send email reminders to every attendee of this meeting [calendar link] the day before the meeting with the meeting agenda, talking points, and other important details. Also, send a push notification 30 minutes before the meeting.”

  3. “Find a 30-minute window tomorrow so Steve, Jessica, Ron, and myself can meet via Zoom.”

  4. “Create a meeting agenda that highlights the following Marketing and Sales tasks that need to be completed by the end of the week. Discuss [task 1] with [team member] around the Marketing collateral needed for the trade show. Review the Sales team’s quota for Q4 with [team member] and get an update on each rep’s progress.”

Leverage AI and Thrive in Your Admin Career 

The burden of monotonous tasks such as data entry and scheduling can be drastically reduced thanks to artificial intelligence. Rather than feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by AI, use it to your advantage!

It will make you a more valuable employee, showing leaders how well-versed you are on the latest tech. ASAP is here to help! Explore our resources library, including articles, downloads, and webinars to propel your career to new heights.

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