4 Confidence Building Catalysts for the Professional Woman


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Trainer: Susan Leahy, MA

Research shows that women have lower levels of confidence than men. Did you know that the same issue may be contributing to current problems with the gender pay-gap? When you have a strong belief in yourself, you are more likely to pursue opportunities and more likely to speak up for what you deserve. Confidence isn't something you have to find; it's something you have to allow. Susan Leahy will show you four powerful confidence-building catalysts that will move your focus away from feeling uncomfortable and insecure to things that make you feel energetic and in control! Get ready to learn about Susan's "Confidence Flow Model" while practicing motivational techniques that will allow you to step-up your personal power.

You will also learn:

  • Techniques to direct your internal conversation in a more positive direction
  • Steps to boost your personal permission and decrease your insecurities
  • Tips on participating with greater confidence to better pursue what you want
  • How to communicate with greater impact for stronger, more productive relationships

Bonus Download: Confident Public Speaking

Hot Tip: Research shows that you become more confident just by acting confident! Here’s how to project confidence when interacting with others: straighten your spine, and hold your shoulders down and back, not lifted toward your ears. Breathe deeply and slow. Use open gestures. And always maintain direct eye contact.

About Susan Leahy: Susan Leahy, MA is a powerhouse speaker and leadership expert whose sessions inspire confidence, connection, participation and transformation. As part of her focus on empowerment and leadership, Susan created "The Confident Woman Program," a robust online program that connects women to their confidence while elevating the condition of women in underdeveloped countries. She is also the co-founder of Group to Team Leadership Solutions, a training and consulting organization that supports organizations to build a "Culture of Team," by empowering the individual.

"Most webinars I have attended are boring and it takes everything to keep me awake but Susan is a spark. She knows how to project her energy through the computer to keep you engaged and interested."
— Gwen Simmons - Author & Consultant

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May 3, 2017

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