High-Impact ChatGPT Prompting for Executive Assistants

Fiona Young, Founder of Carve


Live Workshop | (July 16-17)
0.3 CEUs

This two-part workshop is designed to give learners the confidence and skills to get high-quality outputs from AI chatbots including ChatGPT, Copilot, and more. We’ll work through how they work, safe use, key players, use cases, and a deep dive into prompt crafting—with demos and practice throughout. It’s appropriate both for absolute beginners and those with experience using AI chatbots who feel they still have room to improve.

After the two-part workshop, learners will:

  • Understand strengths and limitations of AI chatbots, and how to mitigate risk at work 
  • Have a strong understanding of all the ways to use AI chatbots in the assistant workflow 
  • Be able to create strong prompts to optimize outputs 
  • Be using AI chatbots on a weekly (if not daily) basis 

All sessions will include practical assignments and takeaways to make learning stick. We’ll engage with learners before, between, and after workshops via the ASAP Circle space for this workshop to build community and drive accountability.

Session 1: AI Chatbot Essentials & How to Prompt for Quality Outputs 
Tuesday, July 16, 2024, 1PM-2:30PM ET

This session covers: 

  • Defining LLMs—how they work, strengths, limitations, and safe use 
  • Comparison of major AI chatbots and paid vs free versions 
  • Fundamentals of prompt crafting and where most people go wrong 
  • Breakout exercises to practice prompting through real-world projects for EAs 

Bonus Resource: 
COIF Prompt Framework, bite-sized homework assignment to do between sessions (10-15 mins)

Session 2: Advanced Prompting Techniques for Complex Projects 
Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 1PM-2:30PM ET

This session covers:

  • Advanced prompting (including megaprompting, prompt generators, creating custom GPTs, and more)
  • Prompt dissection
  • Breakout exercises to practice more advanced prompting through real-world projects for EAs  

Bonus Resource: Prompts Bank

Hot Tip: When you're chatting with ChatGPT (or any AI chatbot), imagine it's an eager and enthusiastic yet really green intern. You need to *really* spell out what you want—give it all the context and even copy-paste in examples you've created yourself so it knows the quality and context of what you’re looking for. 

About Fiona Young: Fiona has spent 15,000+ hours of her career designing high-impact learning content and programs. Before launching Carve, Fiona led learning programs at Hive Learning, the b2b peer learning app. She previously ran Learning & Development for Blenheim Chalcot, one of the world’s most successful venture builders. Fiona started her career as an executive assistant in venture capital.

About Carve: Carve is a learning business created by digital learning expert and former executive assistant Fiona Young. Carve’s mission is to build the next generation of AI-powered assistants that modern execs need. Carve is passionate about helping individuals grow through high-impact, personalized learning experiences.

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May 28, 2024

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