Tech Tools to Support Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace

Melissa Peoples, Executive Assistant coach and trainer on AI and tech


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By the end of this workshop, you will gain a strong foundation in the concepts of accessibility and inclusion for employees with disabilities. You will be introduced to a variety of tech tools designed to foster an inclusive environment for your differently abled colleagues and be provided with hands-on experience using these tools. Furthermore, you will learn strategies for initiating meaningful conversations in your workplace about creating and maintaining adaptive work environments. This knowledge will empower you to become an advocate for accessibility and inclusion, driving positive change within your organization.

  1. Grasp key accessibility and inclusion concepts for assistants.
  2. Explore tech tools for supporting accessibility and supporting adaptive work environments.
  3. Learn to initiate discussions on adaptive workspaces.

After watching this session, you'll be able to:

  • Select and implement tech tools that promote accessibility and inclusion for differently abled colleagues
  • Understanding core concepts of accessible and adaptive work environments
  • Facilitate conversations within your organization about creating and maintaining an adaptive workspace

Bonus Handout: Guide to Promoting Accessibility for Administrative Professionals

About Melissa Peoples: Melissa Peoples is a distinguished Executive Assistant coach, corporate trainer, and conference speaker with 25 years of experience partnering with C-level executives to achieve organizational goals. She has collaborated with industry giants like Microsoft, Cisco, McAfee, Adobe, and the PGA, as well as The State of Texas and State of Tennessee, offering expert advice on administrative best practices.

As a Certified Microsoft Trainer and seasoned C-suite Executive Assistant, Melissa is the go-to authority for integrating technology and practical application in her field. Her unique approach empowers Executive Assistants to excel in their careers and boost their strategic impact on their organizations.

A highly sought-after speaker, Melissa graces the stages of major Administrative Conferences worldwide, sharing valuable insights on productivity and effective executive operations management. She has also served as the Executive Operations Advisor to the CEO of the New York Times, showcasing her deep understanding of senior executives' needs and her ability to drive significant change.

Melissa's unwavering commitment to her clients' success makes her an invaluable asset for organizations aiming to enhance their administrative support. Her passion for excellence shines through her work as a world-class trainer for administrative teams.

Outside of work, Melissa cherishes her time with her husband and two grown children in Austin, Texas. A horse rescue enthusiast, she can often be found tending to her 15 equine friends on her farm in Texas.

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May 23, 2023

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