Working from Home During the Holidays: What Are the Expectations?

November 1, 2022


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Working from home offers different challenges than working in office, especially during the holidays.

The holidays are a time to unwind, reflect, and spend time with the people you love. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to work from home. Working from home during the holidays can feel like a much-needed break from the everyday chaos of the office. However, working from home is still just that - work. It’s hard to discern the expectations of your boss while working remotely, especially during the holiday season. If you’re working remotely this season, here are the expectations.

Working from Home? Here’s What You Should Know

As with any job situation, there are always both pros and cons. Working from home offers great flexibility, ease, and overall work-life balance. It can be a great way to take your schedule into your own hands and work on your own time. Now more than ever, employees greatly appreciate working remotely, especially during the holidays. It gives workers a chance to spend more time with their loved ones and increases work satisfaction.

However, working from home also poses its challenges, too. Working remotely requires more focus, and asks you to spend your time more intentionally. Maintaining an organized schedule is one of the number one difficulties associated with remote working. It asks employees to create a work-home separation. Although working remotely is generally more easeful, it’s easy to give in to distractions. Creating a schedule, setting goals, and differentiating between work and home life is crucial.

What This Means for the Holidays

Generally speaking, most employers do not expect their team members to work on major holidays. Most companies temporarily close their offices to give employees a chance to be with their families. This largely depends on company policies and what’s agreed upon between you and your employer. If asked to work on the holidays, employees will usually receive time-and-a-half or double-time pay. 

This also means that it’s essential for employees to get their work done promptly. To prepare for their holiday affairs, workers can map out their time accordingly. Even during the holiday season, employees are still expected to be on-call and available, even working from home. Speak to your employer to get a sense of their expectations, and to also communicate your needs, too.

How to Prepare for Jobs Working from Home 

Set yourself up for success when preparing for your work-at-home job. The holidays can be hectic enough as is, and adding work into the equation is even more so. Jobs working from home still require focus and hard work. Follow these tips this holiday season:

Create a Daily Schedule

With families and kids around, creating a daily schedule has never been more important. At the start of your day, set a reasonable schedule so you can stay organized and on top of your work.

Prepare for Your Time-Off

Save time to wrap presents, attend gatherings, and do holiday shopping. This means you should carve out time to attend to both work and personal tasks. Prepare for your time off accordingly, and get your work done ahead of time.

Communicate with Your Boss

Speak with your boss to get a sense of their expectations. Let them know when you’ll be away from your desk for holiday gatherings. Communication is essential, especially when working remotely.

Set an “Away” Message

Let clients, coworkers, and your boss know when you’re away from your desk. You can set an “away” message on your phone, email, Slack, or any major communication platform. This way, people will know when and how to reach you, and when you are unavailable. 

Learn How to Work from Home with ASAP

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