10 Board of Directors Management Tools

June 14, 2023


The Board of Directors gathering around a meeting table discussing important topics.

Board of Directors meetings are an opportunity to review the performance of a company, strategize on projects, and plan for future expansion. As an administrative professional, Board of Directors meetings are an opportunity for you to shine and show your contributions to the company.

There are many reasons why you might be involved with an organization’s Board of Directors as an admin or executive assistant. You might be tasked with preparing for Board meetings, making the presentations, or compiling important data for others to present. 

Read on for 10 helpful Board of Directors management and meeting tools to help you prepare for your next meeting. 

Board of Directors Definition  

The Board of Directors is a group of people that manage, govern, and oversee an organization. They focus on the larger goals and big-picture items within a company. Therefore, it is essential to know how to best interact with them in meetings.

The Relationship Between Admins and the Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors relies on the administrative staff as their eyes and ears on the company. As the backbone of organizations, admins have a read on the day-to-day functions and processes of the business, making them valuable strategic partners to the Board.

The Board of Directors rely on qualified and experienced administrative staff to keep them informed. It’s much easier to make well-informed decisions when you are receiving accurate and organized information. Therefore, keeping your Board of Directors suitably informed and up to date will help you to stand out and excel in your administrative role.

Board of Directors Management and Meeting Tools 

Board of Directors management tools are helpful in demonstrating company growth and strategic opportunities. These tools are also helpful for presenting expenses, illustrating organizational issues, and helping to shape the future of the business. 

Here are 10 great board management and presentation tools to help you prepare for your next board meeting.


This app allows for easy access to sensitive Board materials, review of various project workflows and progress, and approval of documents both on and offline. 


BoardEffect specializes in supporting nonprofit organizations, higher education, and healthcare with organization analytics and insights. If your company falls into one of these categories, this may be the right application for you. 


OnBoard boasts that they have the best solutions to improve governance for busy leaders and administrators. They also offer a free trial period so you can test their user-friendliness and features. 


This is a cloud-based board management platform that helps workflows, daily company functions, and itemizes important documentation. 


This management tool enhances meetings through portable devices and allows you to manage the meeting attendees and sensitive information before, during, and after a meeting. 


This popular software allows you to call meetings, draft minutes, tally votes, send surveys, and draft documents all in one user-friendly interface. 


Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool. It supports remote work and meetings for various teams and offers a plethora of organizational tools. 


Smartsheet is a popular tool that is scalable, aligns remote teams globally, and offers an email marketing and targeted advertising option. 


This is a popular project management software that helps you organize and plan projects, track progress, and collaborate with your team remotely. Large and successful organizations like Dell and Stanford University use Zoho for their operations.


This application allows you to organize projects, collaborate with multiple teams at once, and easily track project progress and goals. Additionally, you can create interactive presentation materials with analyzed data and project statistics. 

Turn to ASAP to Help You Shine in Front of Your Board 

Some of the best ways to interact with your Board of Directors and assist your company are through organized presentations, accurate data, and clear communication. Here at ASAP, we offer a variety of tools and training on how to excel in front of your executives and management teams. Don’t miss your opportunity to shine in front of your Board, and let us help you prepare and present with confidence. 

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