Developing Leadership Skills: A Guide for Administrative Professionals

July 9, 2024


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Leadership isn’t limited to executives, team leads, or directors. Administrative professionals, even in entry-level positions, often shoulder responsibilities that require strong leadership skills. Take, for instance, an office manager dealing with a sudden staff shortage. By stepping in to coordinate temporary staff, reprioritize tasks, and ensure smooth office operations, she demonstrates critical leadership and problem-solving abilities, positioning herself for career advancement.

Administrative roles are evolving, with an increasing number of senior admins transitioning into traditional leadership positions like Chief of Staff. This shift underscores the importance of leadership qualities in admin roles, proving that a good leader is about skills and actions, not titles.

Mastering and consistently demonstrating leadership skills by leading meetings, coordinating complex projects, or making program recommendations can open doors to personal and professional growth. 

Effective Leadership in Action: How Admins Can Shine

Lead by Example

Set the standard for professionalism and work ethic. Consistently arrive on time, stay organized, and maintain a positive attitude. When you lead by example, your colleagues are more likely to follow suit, creating a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Foster a Strong Inter-Departmental Culture

Admins have a unique vantage point that consistently connects them with various departments. Use this position to build relationships, facilitate communication, and engage team members in morale-boosting activities. When conflicts arise between departments, take the initiative to open a forum for discussion and bring the right people to the table to negotiate. Efforts like these improve inter-departmental communication and create a more cohesive and motivated workforce.

Empower Your Team

Delegate tasks and encourage autonomy among junior team members. Show that you trust them to handle responsibilities without constant supervision. Assign key tasks based on their strengths and encourage them to take ownership, boosting their confidence and productivity.

Embrace Continuous Improvement

Continuously seek ways to improve team processes. Regularly review workflows and gather feedback to enhance efficiency. By focusing on continuous improvement, you and your team can tackle more complex tasks and achieve greater goals, ensuring ongoing development and success.

Elevate Your Skills: Leadership Training and Development

Leadership requires you to never stop learning. The more people you work with, the more you need to learn new ways of effectively guiding your team. Different people respond well to different leadership styles, so having a toolbox of skills for any scenario is crucial.

Training Options for Administrative Leadership

Set Goals and Seek Feedback

When pursuing leadership training and development, set clear goals for the skills you want to develop. Proactively seek feedback from your team members and supervisors to identify areas for improvement. Track team performance and project outcomes to reflect on areas needing more support and develop those areas within yourself. Regularly evaluate your performance to ensure you meet your goals and support your team effectively.

Become a Strong Admin Leader

Mastering leadership skills not only sets your career up for advancement, it drives your organization’s success and empowers your team to thrive. As an administrative professional, actively pursuing leadership development benefits you and those you work with.

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