Nine Times When Big Picture Thinking Makes the Difference

April 20, 2023


An executive assistant speaks with his coworkers about big picture thinking.
Develop open-minded leaders.

Big picture thinking is vital to a business's success and growth. The future is full of unknowns and uncertainties. Being able to think strategically and methodically about the future and the bigger picture is a great mental skill to develop. 

You don’t need to be a CEO or executive to look at a big picture idea for the company. In fact, big picture thinking should be practiced and fostered for all employees in an organization. 

At ASAP, we strive to help administrative professionals develop executive presence and critical thinking skills. Here are 10 ways big picture thinking can make a big difference in business. 

Looking at the Bigger Picture: How it Changes Everything

Understand Your Organization Better 

A big picture thinker takes the time and effort to truly understand the organization. This requires considering the larger mission and goals. Who are your clients and how can you best serve them — not just now, but in the future as well? 

Become More Aware of What’s Happening Around You 

Do you focus on the big picture or small details of your day? Employees that can understand and see the larger goals of the organization are more aware of where they fit in the company. There are no menial tasks or positions in any organization. Once you become more aware of what’s happening around you, you will be able to demonstrate more value in your workplace.

Foresee Consequences and Results of Big Decisions 

When you look at the bigger picture, it helps to foresee the potential results of your decisions. No matter how big or small the decision, there is always a consequence. Taking a step back to consider the outcome of your decisions helps to ensure sound judgments are made. 

Let Go of The Small Things 

Being a big picture thinker can actually relieve stress and anxiety. While it may seem like the opposite would be true, focusing on the bigger things helps you to let go of the small things. It can be quite freeing to stop worrying about the less important details and instead focus on future goals. 

Develop Open-Minded Leaders 

An organization that fosters and supports big picture thinking ends up with more open-minded leaders. Be strategic with your plans and encourage others to do the same. An organization with an entire team of big picture thinkers is nearly unstoppable. 

Cultivate Fresh Ideas and New Growth 

Taking a step back from the day-to-day worries and focusing on the bigger picture will help you develop fresh ideas. A successful organization must be agile, flexible, and innovative. Big picture thinkers bring a fresh perspective and new growth. 

Understand the True Meaning of Your Work 

Thinking about the larger impact of your role will help you see the true meaning of your work. Furthermore, make sure to share these larger goals and purposes with your team members and colleagues. This will result in an organization full of fulfilled employees who appreciate their role in the bigger picture of things.

Make a Bigger Impact 

The bigger your thoughts and ideas, the greater the impact you will have. This applies to both individuals and organizations. A company that truly understands and sees its bigger purpose in its industry will have a bigger impact in its sphere of influence. 

Develop a Unified Team 

Big picture thinking helps to unify a team. Identify the larger goals and purposes of your company, then share these purposes with your team and share them often. A team that shares a larger common goal will be more unified and work together more seamlessly. 

Become a Big Picture Thinker with ASAP

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