Admin Tools to Streamline Your Workflow: Six Ways to Use Google Apps

November 19, 2023


A woman sits at a desk on her laptop, utilizing admin tools to streamline her workflow.

More than ever, technology is streamlining tasks and improving the efficiency of admin professionals. From AI writing tools to Google apps, learning and utilizing tech resources is more critical than ever in any admin role. 

Google is one of the most adopted tech solutions for organizations, and for good reason. The apps and tools offered by the technology behemoth make every facet of running a business easier and more efficient. 

Let’s explore the most useful Google Apps that admin professionals can use to their advantage. These tools will increase productivity, giving you more time to focus on hands-on tasks and projects. 

A Google App for Every Admin Task

From scheduling to internal communication, Google apps can streamline your processes and tasks in nearly every way. Here are the best Google Apps to implement into your daily life.

1. Google Chat

Google Chat is the brand’s messaging platform where teams can communicate in groups and through direct messages. 

Google Chat “rooms” are designed for teams to communicate about projects, deadlines, and other tasks in one unified space. Chat integrates with Google Drive, so team members can upload files and create documents, spreadsheets, and more. 

2. Google Forms

Google Forms is an efficient tool for quickly creating surveys, forms, and polls across organizations.

Whether brainstorming event ideas or asking for feedback on specific office policies, Forms is an excellent resource. Using Forms, you can upload documents, images, and other files. 

3. Gmail

Gmail is one of the most powerful email platforms for organizations. Whether you facilitate emails on behalf of an executive or send and receive many emails regularly, Gmail is critical for organization and productivity. 

Using Gmail, admin professionals can organize and search through emails with filters, labeling, starring, and more. You can also turn messages into Tasks to complete later and keep yourself accountable. 

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage solution to manage documents, photos, videos, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. Google Drive helps companies of all sizes stay organized. Advanced search features make it easy to locate any file in Drive using relevant search terms. 

Quickly drag and drop uploads into Drive with a few mouse clicks. Star important folders or documents you use regularly to make them easily accessible. You can even share files with people outside your organization by granting controlled access, which is ideal for working with partners, customers, and vendors. 

5. Google Meet

Google Meet is a video communication service that supports online video calls, meetings, and conferencing for internal and external communications. Meet offers 1:1 and group video calling, chat, and cloud-encrypted meetings. 

You can add live closed captions to video calls, add virtual backgrounds, and invite up to 100 participants to a meeting. Paid options of Meet include features like recording meetings, transcribing functionality, and much more. 

6. Google Calendar

There are many scheduling tools available, and they all offer something different. Arguably one of the most efficient Google Apps for work, the Google Calendar app has been a game-changer for admins. If you manage an executive’s calendar or schedule meetings in your organization, Google Calendar is a huge time-saving tool. 

Key ways to optimize your Google Calendar include the following:

  • Arrange multi-person meetings with the “Suggested Time” or “Find a Time” features

  • Sync meetings with your organization’s CRM

  • Connect the Calendar invite to the Google Meet link

  • Add documents and files to Calendar events

  • Gain edit access to senior leaders’ calendars 

  • Notify invited participants to meetings via email

Supercharge Your Efficiency as an Admin

Learning new technology and tools has its challenges; but the quicker you jump in and learn, the better off you’ll be. Soon, your leaders will be impressed by your understanding of Google Apps and how you leverage the technology to your advantage. 

Beyond sending calendar invites and writing meeting notes, you can begin taking on more strategic responsibilities that are critical to your professional development and growth. 

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