5 Foolproof Ways to Gain the Recognition You Deserve

March 30, 2015


Although achieving a work goal or receiving a paycheck can certainly be rewarding, receiving the recognition we deserve is enormously important. Recognition helps us hold onto our passion for what we do, stimulates us to achieve more and boosts our self-esteem. If you feel you’re not receiving the acknowledgment you merit, follow these five surefire strategies for ensuring that your contributions are appreciated.

1. Share your accomplishments. Have you completed a major report ahead of schedule? Landed a new client? Saved a significant amount on your travel budget? Send a communication to the boss and members of your team detailing your achievement. Make sure to commend everyone anyone who has helped—in other words, give co-workers the credit they deserve as well.

2. Write down your success stories. For each completed project, write down your responsibilities, accomplishments and the lessons you’ve learned. This will not only give you a good feeling, but you can present these documents to your boss at your next review to show all you’ve achieved.

3. Speak up. Don’t clam up in meetings for fear of being taken to task for a “bad” idea. Contribute to the discussion. Doing so will not only demonstrate your commitment to a project, but you may even come up with an idea that moves the project forward.

4. Never put yourself down. You’re not “just” an admin. You are the glue holding your department together, making sure everything runs effectively and efficiently. Don’t allow yourself to be seen as insignificant; always talk about yourself with confidence and composure.

5. Don’t apologize. We often apologize for no good reason. We may say, “I’m sorry, but I need to take a call.”  Say, “Excuse me” instead. The word “sorry” implies that you’ve made a mistake and can make you look weak. Don’t use it.

As a successful admin, you are adaptable and flexible. You’re doing much more with much less. You’ve embraced technology, are a pro at handling interactions, and an ace at accomplishing your work. So don’t talk about what’s going wrong, or put yourself down. Play up all the things that are going right—and get the recognition you so richly deserve!

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