Building Skills: Your Can’t-Fail Formula for Success in 2015

December 17, 2014


Question: When should you update your professional knowledge and skills? 
Answer: Whenever possible!

In business today, keeping abreast of the latest skills and trends can mean the difference between keeping your job and being handed that dreaded pink slip. Whether you simply upgrade your software knowledge or train to move into a brand new job, building your skills is guaranteed to help set you apart from your peers.

Here are three ways to enhance your professional abilities while staying current on the latest trends and developments in your field.

Attend classes
Professional courses will provide you with the knowledge that you need to keep your skills fresh. You can choose from online classes and webinars, college courses, and industry training. You might even consider enrolling in a certificate class to earn an advanced degree, which may garner you a promotion and a raise. Whenever possible, take an in-person course so you can interact with classmates. And be sure to ask if your organization will pay for your continuing education.  

Keep up with industry news
To expand your knowledge of current trends, spend time reading printed and online materials from as many sources as possible. Subscribe to professional newsletters and trade journals that offer the very latest information. Additionally, LinkedIn, Twitter, and industry blogs are wonderful ways to access stimulating business news written by top leaders.  

Join an industry association or trade group, and attend their professional conferences. This will allow you to make important contacts and learn about progress in your field—everything from gaining insight into competitive strategies and new products or services. Your local chamber of commerce may also provide networking opportunities. And don’t forget to network with clients, contractors, and people from related fields.
So plan your training early in the New Year. Your goal is to make yourself invaluable to your boss and your organization—by upgrading your skills and positioning yourself for success! 

If you are interested in live training, the 2015 Administrative Professionals Conference takes place this year at the Gaylord Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, TX, October 4-7. ASAP also offers one day traning events. Our next one will take place at the Houston Center Club in Houston, TX on March 12th.

For online training, ASAP offers over 70 webinars and 450+ courses in ourTraining Center. To boost your skills and earn credentials, check out ASAP's PACE Program. This Certificate Program allows you to choose your own courses, set your own schedule, and work at your own speed. This flexible program provides professional guidance, supplies learning resources, and tracks progress toward your goal while allowing you to customize coursework to meet your needs—and your manager’s too. Get credit for the training your organization supplies or take advantage of ASAP’s PACE program’s affordable online courses!

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