Here's What's Stressing You Out

May 26, 2015


65% of workers say that workplace stress has caused difficulties and 30-40% have described their job as very or extremely stressful. Surprisingly, it isn’t necessarily the most dangerous or the most monotonous jobs that cause the most stress. So, what’s stressing us out at work? Here are the most common workplace stressors; see which impact you the most:

  • Too much to do at once
  • Lack of control
  • Juggling too many projects and tasks
  • Office politics or difficult people
  • Uncertainty or lack of clarity
  • Lack of feedback and appreciation
  • Inadequate time off

We asked Danielle Zamora, Executive Assistant for South by Southwest Interactive Festival what the most stressful part of her job is. “While it's one of the most exciting things about my job, the most stressful part of my job is having to keep so many different tasks and projects afloat all at once. Trying to balance all of the various responsibilities can be quite overwhelming!” Notice that Danielle also described her job as exciting. Some people thrive in the fast lane. Stress is highly personalized as it is a response to an environment or situation.

We know that prolonged stress can affect productivity, performance and health. How damaging stress is depends upon the how you react to it. Here’s what Danielle does to relieve or manage her stress: I remember to take deep breaths, step away from the computer and go for a walk around the block, take one thing and day at a time, and keep the end goal of each project in perspective. I have also learned that I am most productive in the mornings before regular work hours so I try not to work as much at night as to not continue stressing when I should be winding down. Giving myself boundaries has been very helpful in managing stress. While we can’t eliminate stress, we can, like Danielle, manage it.

The 2015 Administrative Professionals Conference and Executive Assistants’ Summit presents a number of sessions that can help take the pressure off. Check out Stress Management for the Frequently Frazzled, How to Hang On When the Ladder is Moving: Stepping Up as an Assistant, Communication Techniques that Solve People Problems at Work PLUS the panel Danielle is a part of
Under Fire: How Resilience, Quick Thinking (and a Little Humor) Can Save the Day

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