How Does Your Position Stack Up?

May 26, 2015


To compare what you do with 600 other ASAP members, note In which of the following areas you have regular responsibilities:

[ ] Correspondence
[ ] Document Management
[ ] Event Planning
[ ] Travel Planning
[ ] Project Management or           Tracking
[ ] Purchasing
[ ] Technology
[ ] Vendor Management

[ ] Facilities
[ ] Digital Infrastructure Management
[ ] Compliance
[ ] Corporate Giving
[ ] Public Relations or Marketing Communications
[ ] Financials
[ ] Mail Management
[ ] Reception

Many admins don’t realize until they see this list just how many administrative functions they handle – and that doesn’t take into account the diverse responsibilities not listed here.

No wonder we frequently feel our workday consists of keeping a number of balls in the air while juggling multiple tasks!

We asked 600 ASAP members what they are doing on a regular basis. Which of those things listed above do you think is the most common task for the Administrative Professional? If you said “Correspondence,” you are correct. What do you think admins and assistants are least likely to be involved in? Corporate giving or PR&Marketing. You can see what percent of the 600 admins who responded to our survey handle each task area here.



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