How to Love Your Job—Really!

October 22, 2015


Figure out what you like
Of course, we’ll always dislike some parts of any job. The trick is to find those parts we do enjoy, and are good at. These can include specific tasks you take pride in, enjoyable interactions with coworkers, challenging assignments; even after-work get-togethers.

Decide on those areas you dislike
Consider those aspects of work you really dislike. See if you can’t find some way to delegate these tasks to a colleague. If that’s not possible, at least get those tasks out of the way early so you can go on to projects you enjoy.

Ask about telecommuting
Employees who work from home, at least part of the week, tend to be happier. That’s because they enjoy greater flexibility about when and how to carry out their assignments. See if you can secure at least a part-time telecommuting arrangement.

Rethink your life goals
When we lose sight of our goals, work is bound to feel like a grind. Is the job helping your save to start a family, replace an old car or get an advanced degree? Reminding yourself of those goals each day, and how the job is helping you reach them, can alter your outlook.

Pursue new opportunities and responsibilities
A new assignment—something that will challenge you in a positive way—can elevate your mood. You’ll learn new procedures and may work with new people. Watch your enthusiasm rise, your boredom decrease, and your boss sit up and take notice of your improved work and attitude!

Go to your happy place.
When things get really tough, spend five minutes visualizing yourself on a beach, in the mountains, or even in your own backyard. It’s a quick form of meditation that can help clear your head and shift your mood from angry to calm.

Use these tips to help turn a hated job into a job you love. It may take some time, but when everything falls into place, you’ll find yourself on a new and better course!


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