Six Strategies to Increase Job Satisfaction

May 1, 2014


Do you wake up each morning feeling tired and stressed out—even before the day has begun? Job dissatisfaction can ruin not only your day, but your entire outlook on life. There are, however, ways to fight back, even if you’re not in a job that you love. Try these six strategies to help you reengage and reenergize on the job.

  1. Change your attitude. If you’re angry or depressed, you’re working against yourself. Seek the positive in any situation—try to see problems as challenges and mistakes as learning opportunities. Try to find humor, even in situations you don’t like or are uncomfortable with. Humor has been proven to help reduce anger, frustration, and anxiety.
  2. Shut down negative thoughts. If you’re grousing about your job, either aloud or in your head, turn off those thoughts. You don’t need to think “happy” thoughts. Just think about something apart from your current work situation—your plans for the weekend; a movie you’re looking forward to seeing; spending time with your kids. You mood should improve.
  3. Find purpose in your work. Even if you feel that your work itself is not stimulating enough, look for the benefits it provides to your organization and, through your organization, to people who are the end users of your organization’s products or services. That can be extremely motivating.
  4. Be self-reliant. Knowing that you can manage challenges at work will make you feel more self-confident, and confident people are more satisfied people. You might even find yourself successfully taking on tough problems and winning praise. 
  5. Stick with it. Perseverance will take you further than almost any other attribute. Working on a difficult assignment? Seek out help. Or, take short breaks. Whatever you do, stay the course. When you’ve completed the task, your satisfaction will increase exponentially.
  6. Develop better relationships. Having friends on the job can be extremely satisfying. Exchanging ideas about work and life will add to your skills and add meaning to your job—and your life. Additionally, treat coworkers as teammates, not rivals. You’ll feel better about them, and about yourself. 

Follow at least some of these strategies at work today, and you’ll feel better and more satisfied at work tomorrow.

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