7 Tips to Save Your Mobile Battery Life

June 30, 2016


  1. Turn off wifi and bluetooth
    You probably won’t connect to the grocery store’s wireless connection when you stop for milk, but your device spends energy searching for signals.
  2. Don’t auto-update apps
    You can wait for Angry Birds updates. Turn off auto-update to keep your device from working behind the scenes.
  3. Use do not disturb/sleep modes
    Use the do not disturb features at night to save battery life. You’ll also save the battery if you set autolock so your phone sleeps in shorter intervals.
  4. Turn off location features
    Many apps use your location, which eats power. Turn the switch off when your battery is low and manage apps that have location access.
  5. Watch push technology
    Not only are you distracted when your phone is constantly dinging, you’re also using more battery. Turn off notifications for email and manage the other alerts in settings.
  6. Reduce special effects and auto-brightness
    Isn’t it cool when your background pulsates, or when you can wave a hand to make things happen? Sure, if you’re willing to give up battery power.
  7. Use airplane mode
    The setting stops battery drainers, such as wifi, Bluetooth and app refresh. And you’ll juice up faster if you charge in airplane mode.

Beth Ziesenis is Your Nerdy Best Friend. She is the author of several books on technology including Nerd Know-How: The 27+ Best Apps for Work … & How to Use ‘Em! Beth travels the country talking to organizations about free and bargain technology.

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